25 Jun 19

At around midday, every weekday, in every town and city across the nation, a sort of workplace exodus occurs. It is a fast-track pilgrimage from nowhere in particular to nowhere in particular. Although, that is not entirely true because the supermarket sandwich aisle practically adorns every urban plot ransacked by developers; the mandatory refrigerated altar […]

24 Jun 19
Cricket Stuff

Cricket on television is a fine thing. To be able to watch action from across the world, all year round, with high definition cameras revealing every change in the bowler’s grip, every rotation of the ball, every movement of the bat. As armchair spectators we are spoilt. And when the pundits and analysis are good, […]

24 Jun 19
Site Title

9th June leaving Southampton We are on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas. It is a sister ship to Navigator of the Seas so it is set out the same, meaning we have no difficulty finding our way around. The journey down was taxing. There was a three car smash between junctions 23/24 of the […]

24 Jun 19
Ben M-J

Grace ‘Why does it look like that?’ ‘I’m not sure what you mean.’ ‘It looks…wrong.’ ‘You mean it doesn’t look like a person.’ ‘Yeah, that’s it. I expected something else.’ A pause. A moment passes. They both stare at the towering figure in front of them, a mass of contorted metal, attempting to identify what […]

23 Jun 19
New York Stage Review

Two concurrent plays in the Berkshires examine the effect of fairy tales, whether on the body human or the body politic

23 Jun 19
"The Sea Takes No Prisoners: Stories from the Men & Ships of the Royal Navy in the Second World War" by Edmund S. Wong

I will be adding a series of new posts to this site beginning with this current one. These posts will be from the original manuscript that ultimately became “The Sea Takes No Prisoners.”  Several publishers asked that I shorten my original submission which I did. The posts in this upcoming series will all be of […]

23 Jun 19
Hear I Am Cheshire West

Anna is attending our workshops at Ellesmere Port Library. At last Friday’s session she read out her story to much acclaim. Here is that story along with her thoughts on what inspired her to write it. “There is a short film on Vimeo that I love called “Cool Unicorn Bruv” which was the main inspiration […]

23 Jun 19
Cottage Capers

On this day in history : 23rd June 1940 – To help relieve the tedium of workers in the munitions factories and to increase their productivity, the BBC’s ‘Music While You Work’ programme is introduced…. The first show was announced in the Radio Times as a ‘half hour’s music meant specially for factory workers to […]

22 Jun 19
Derby Uni Footy Journos

The waves of golden ribbons trimmed with green. The streams of red and blue. 14,333km of land and sea separated the two sides but they went head-to-head. Flowing through the estuaries as they filtered into the Allianz Riviera. It was Australia versus Norway. Kangaroos vs Grasshoppers. A highly anticipated game which would send one party […]

22 Jun 19
Knowing the Narcissist

There is a good chance that you have either encountered your particular narcissist in a court setting or you will do. This is because of two factors which are especially prevalent with our kind:- 1.      Our behaviour results in the necessity of bringing court action; 2.      Our need to win prolongs such court action necessitating […]

22 Jun 19

ESTE TEXTO NO ES MIO SINO DE ‘BACHELOR PIOLA’: Andrés, endurece tu sonido, antes de retirarte graba un disco denso, ruidoso y oscuro. Nadie lo va comprar porque ya nadie compra discos, pero deja una obra maldita, de culto para las futuras generaciones, no dejes de hacerlo, una grabación que suene solo en JBL’s Studio […]

21 Jun 19
Press Release 24X7

Mini Theatre Market Research: According to Planet Market Reports, the Global Mini Theatre Market is estimated to reach xxx million USD in 2019 and projected to grow at the CAGR of xx% during the 2020-2025. The report analyses the global Mini Theatre market, the market size and growth, as well as the major market participants. […]

20 Jun 19
On the Left

“Who is in charge of the clattering train? The axles creak, and the couplings strain. For the pace is hot, and the points are near, And Sleep hath deadened the driver’s ear” This is, of course, an excerpt from the poem by Edwin James Milken, quoted by Winston Churchill describing a somewhat Catastrophic prelude to […]

20 Jun 19
A Link to the Past

Buy You Zombie Action Figure Neca Resident Evil Figure here: http://www.scifi-store.com/product/neca-resident-evil-figures-zombie/ Resident Evil 2, known as BIOHAZARD RE:2 in Japan, is a Survival Horror game by Capcom’s Division 1 studio. The game is a reimagining of the 1998 game of the same name. The game was announced on neca resident evil August 12, 2015, several […]

19 Jun 19
henry flower

Lent 2016… T hursday, 11 February 2016 Hand forced to start anew. Gumboot full, kept crashing, old stuff morphed with new nonsense, same old games etc. Feels like spring; swept path; walking about, climbing stairs, carrying cups…beware the old toddler. Been off the sauce now since Jan fourth; vaping and puffing; cleaning up the act. […]