Tarina Tarantino

01 Apr 19
Chowder Brand

Lot L'Oreal infallible lip gloss, Prolast lip color, Tarina Tarantino https://t.co/rnPYdraCdr #makeup — Chowder Brand (@ChowderBrand) April 1, 2019 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js from Twitter https://twitter.com/ChowderBrand

22 Mar 19

I love blushes too! Eyeshadow palettes and highlighters are the two things I collect the most, but I do have a sweet spot for blushes too, and I have collected quite a few over the years. So now I will share with you my beloved blush collection! And don’t forget to shout out your favorite […]

12 Feb 19

I did this blog series in 2018 and it seemed to be very popular. Basically I just go through my collection part by part and show pictures about every single item in each category. The reason for this is not to show of my makeup to brag about how much I have. I just love […]

09 Feb 19
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Lot L'Oreal infallible lip gloss, Prolast lip color, Tarina Tarantino https://t.co/OEwuRb9qll #makeup — Chowder Brand (@ChowderBrand) February 9, 2019 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js from Twitter https://twitter.com/ChowderBrand

14 Jan 19
davidbruceblog #2

• Tarina Tarantino creates fashionable jewelry and is the head of her own company. Her hair is also fashionable: hot pink. She says, “I got married with pink hair. I had two babies with pink hair. And I’ll be an old lady with pink hair.” To make her particular color of hot pink, her hair stylist […]

02 Jan 19
Chowder Brand

Lot L'Oreal infallible lip gloss, Prolast lip color, Tarina Tarantino https://t.co/HSvh0p4MEI #makeup — Chowder Brand (@ChowderBrand) January 2, 2019 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js from Twitter https://twitter.com/ChowderBrand

16 Nov 18

This is one of my unknown hidden treasures in my collection. For those of you who are familiar with Tarina Tarantino might know her better for her loud hair and jewellery line, but she also has a small selection of makeup products. I own a few of them, among them three blushers! First of all, […]

13 Nov 18
Polished and Inspired

Hello, everyone! Today I’m doing another post on what I’m bringing with me on vacation. I can’t believe I’m doing another one of these so soon! As you’re reading this, I am on my flight to Hong Kong. This time, I’m bringing a checked bag instead of only a carryon like I normally do, and I […]

12 Nov 18

November 12, 2006 – Disney Vault 28 has Grand Opening “Picture a red-carpet grand opening of Orange County’s hippest new upscale boutique that offers funky, fashionable merchandise uniquely targeted to the fashion-savvy shopper who follows the current trends.” On November 12, 2006, the boutique Disney Vault 28 had its red carpet grand opening in Disneyland’s […]

06 Nov 18
Polished and Inspired

Hi everyone! Lately, I’ve been feeling really unmotivated and find myself not being able to focus on anything in particular. All this extra time of doing nothing has given me a lot of time to dig around my makeup collection, swatching and playing with everything. Going through my drawers, I found a lot of eyeshadows […]

23 Oct 18

I have seen a few YouTube videos floating around where people talk about the favorite shade in each of the palettes they picked out for the task. I have seen plenty of these by now, but Angelica Nyquist (her YouTube channel is amazing, especially if you like indie brands and colors) was the one who […]

15 Oct 18

Tarina Tarantino Swarovski crystal heart earrings~ available in 12 color ways✨ 💕✨ link in Bio • • • • • #poshmark #shopmycloset #poshstyle #tarinatarantino #sparkleandshine #hearteyes #poshmarkseller #madeinla #shinebright #closetgoals #resellerMon, 15 Oct 2018 23:48:11 +0000 0 Likes so far Tarina Tarantino … – October 15, 2018 at 04:48PM

13 Sep 18
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Skull Ring Jewelry are a few of the very best accessories a person can use to modify your outfit and develop your own confidence. With the actual right pieces of jewellery, you are able to transform your costume in to something heavenly as well as make your self fashionable actually without spending plenty of your […]

04 Sep 18

People create a social statement when utilizing luxurious brands. Ergo, luxury versions require to remain in front end of the social attributes to meet up that customer need. Nevertheless, with mass-market models slowly changing their search, correct solution and means of advertising their things, several suppliers are obtaining it hard to remain before the pack. […]

05 Jun 18

Sneak peak of new items being released tonight! The Tarina Tarantino Pavé heart obsession is REAL😍 • • • #tarinatarantino #madeinla #sparkle #pavé #swarovski #crystals #hearts #love #poshstyle #poshmarkseller #poshmark #shopmycloset #thesuspenseiskillingmeTue, 05 Jun 2018 22:45:58 +0000 7 Likes so far Sneak peak of new … – June 05, 2018 at 03:45PM

04 Jun 18

May way fun. We have a lot of official hollidays here in Norway in may so I had very few full work weeks all month. I actually didn’t have any full work weeks. But now we are back in June and both work and personal life is more busy than ever. So, my makeup bag […]