15 Feb 19

By Zoé Picardat, Salomé Gastinel, Louisa Sudre-Rouffaux and Lucien Baccaini Outline 1 – How to characterize a population A – Characterisation as time goes on B – Characterisation by the place C – Characterisation through the others factors 2 – Relations with the environment A – Between individuals of the same species B – Between […]

22 Mar 18
The Wild Genes Group

Authors: Frédéric Thomas, Camille Jacqueline, Tazzio Tissot, Morgane Henard, Simon Blanchet, Géraldine Loot, Erika Dawson, Frédéric Mery, François Renaud, Jacques Montagne, Christa Beckmann, Peter A. Biro, Rodrigo Hamede & Beata Ujvari Source: Nature Ecology & Evolution, Vol 1, Nov 2017 Brief summary of the paper: Reciprocal interactions between hosts, their symbionts and their oncobiota (cancer cell […]

18 Mar 18
The Wild Genes Group

Authors: Frédéric Thomas, Fabrice Vavre, Tazzio Tissot, Marion Vittecoq, Mathieu Giraudeau, Florence Bernex, Dorothée Misse, François Renaud, Nynke Raven, Christa Beckmann, Rodrigo Hamede, Peter A. Biro & Beata Ujvari Source: Trends in Cancer, Volume 4, Issue 3, p169–172, March 2018 Brief summary of the paper: Age is one of the strongest predictors of cancer and risk […]