Tea Market Size

26 Jun 19

The information (and quotes) below are from the ‘Common Foods Index’ included as an appendix in Liu Ming’s book Santidao: The Way of the Three Treasures. There are more entries in the book than here on the blog — this limited selection includes both foods appropriate for year round use, and foods especially useful in […]

26 Jun 19
Santa Cruz Sentinel
A member of the Rosaceae family, blackberries are in abundance at the farmers markets. The leaves of the blackberry plant were boiled down to make hair dye in “olden days.” Blackberry leaves were often brewed to make a tea to treat dysentery during the Civil War. According to researchers at the University of Ohio, blackberries contain more antioxidants and are the most potent cancer fighting berry of all the berries by nearly 40%. California, Oregon and Washington have approximately 36,000 acres of blackberries under production, which is enough to supply the rest of the county with berries. There are several varieties of blackberries at the market including the Marion berry and Logan berry. When in doubt, ask the farmer for a taste so you can choose the right berry for your needs. 1 cup of blackberries is about 62 calories and very high in antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitamins C and K and folic acid. How to Select: Look for berries that are a deep even color with a nice sheen. The berries should be plump and dry. The color of the berry should range from purple-black to deep blue-purple. How to Store: Refrigerate the berries when you get them home. It’s best to put them in a closed container and then to wash when ready to use. You may store blackberries for up to a year in the freezer. How to Freeze Berries the Right Way Here’s the most effective way to preserve the berry harvest for use during the fall and winter. Sort berries and remove any leaf debris and any overly ripe or moldy berries. Do not wash at this time. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Arrange berries in a single layer on the baking sheet leaving a little space between each berry. Place sheet in the freezer until berries are completely frozen. (This may take a couple of hours or so.) When berries are rock-hard frozen, place in zip-top freezer bags. Avoid overfilling bag. We like to use 2 cups per medium size bag. Place the bag(s) flat in the freezer. Be sure to mark the bags with the type of berries and the date. Just before use, berries should be rinsed at that time. Berries should be used within the year. It’s not necessary to thaw berries for pies, coffee cakes, or muffins, though you might need to add five minutes to the baking time. Farm to Table is a weekly feature by Catherine Barr, executive director of the Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Markets. For locations and vendor information, visit http://www.montereybayfarmers.org. For more seasonal cooking recipes and tips, see http://www.edibleparadise.com.
25 Jun 19
Market Survey

There are several telltale signs that a market is nearby. I am a hunter of the urban variety: I watch for hands clutching plastic bags, bulky food produce sticking out of baskets, mouths chewing something freshly made. The one that brings deepest joy to my heart: the sight of an old lady pulling her trolley, […]

25 Jun 19
The New Vintage Kitchen

It took a few attempts, but I finally landed on just the right texture and flavor for a beautiful “naked” wedding cake, one with no dairy. My wedding present to an incredible young woman I’ve known since she was an adolescent was to make her wedding cake. It is a great honor to be asked […]

25 Jun 19
KrySoft Daily

If you love trekking through peaceful, pristine nature, then you won’t want to miss the Quilotoa Loop in the Central Highlands of Ecuador. As soon as I saw images of the glistening Laguna Quilotoa (Quilotoa Lake) online, I knew we had to visit. But, we didn’t want to simply drive to the lake – which sits at 3,914 m (12,841 ft) – we wanted to hike to it, and have the view as our reward for our efforts!
Every travel blog, guidebook, and traveller we spoke to said that we’d most likely get lost while trying to navigate the Quilotoa Loop. And, even though we love hiking and have done numerous independent treks, we get lost — often. Not only that, but the more research we did about the “loop”, the more we were confused because it didn’t seem to really be a loop after all.
We had to give it a try, regardless of what might happen.
The Quilotoa Loop is an adventure in Ecuador we didn’t want to miss — in fact it ended up being a highlight of our entire trip to the country. Read on for how to..

25 Jun 19
The Solo Voyages of Pippin, a Frances 34 Pilothouse

I want a cabbage – nothing fancy, just one of those ordinary smooth ones (NOT the crinkly type), but every time I check out the vegetable counter there are none.  I fancy cabbage and chorizo with fried potato and know that, having got a cabbage, I’ll probably have to fly to Spain for the Chorizo […]

25 Jun 19
Dream by Day

My tablet is dying. I have finally had to admit it doesn’t hold much charge, the bluetooth keyboards can not manage to stay connected (yes, I have 2 and both of them are in bad shape too). I do NOT want to do this, but Eli is pretty sure my tablet was purchased in 2013 […]

25 Jun 19
Adderall and Ham

PART 2: Revenge of the Orchid     My dearest reader, it is I, the cat-detective. I know you have been anxiously awaiting my return, and here I am–back, but not better. The cat has gone to bed and in the wee hours of dawn, I finally have time to write to you about my latest […]

25 Jun 19
Judy Bach : Body of Work & Contextual Studies

Blast !  The festival takes place over the six towns belonging to the borough of Sandwell, West Midlands. With fellow students Allan, Kevin, Anne, Hazel, Nicola, Anna, Rod, Jenny & Paul I visited West Bromwich on Saturday 22nd June. Big thanks to Allan for organising the meeting and to photographer Stephen Burke for spending the day […]

25 Jun 19
The Lakes Area Writers Alliance

“Lure ‘em in with candy!” one veteran author told me in regards to how to arrange a customer-attracting table during a book signing. I love that idea. Who doesn’t like candy, after all, right? The downside to that is everyone else has candy dishes on their tables by their books too. Wouldn’t you rather set […]