Teeter Hang Ups

22 Jun 19

I can’t imagine the weight of juggling the universe in one’s hands. Even if he, I prefer she, or probably best called “it” does exist; I couldn’t imagine that “we” would be the most concerning. It’s at the highest case of narcissism to believe god would only have our lives on it’s to-do list.  We’d […]

21 Jun 19
Missy's Nuzlockes

bc i just really love fucking with my organization

21 Jun 19

Things are grim on the ground but the tradition lives on in pictures.

20 Jun 19
The Fashion Magpie

Musings on adjusting to having a second child.

19 Jun 19
Rants and Revels

I promised that I’d write reviews for lots of other exciting media I’d seen in the past few months, but never actually got round to doing it. The main reason being that uni has made me unbelievably happy, and has made it hard to find negativity in anything I watch. Endgame was a cinematic achievement, […]

18 Jun 19
Just Busy Reading

I always love New Release Tuesdays. I look forward to seeing all the newly released books that I’ve been hearing about for months. I am especially excited today to get The Perfect Fraud by Ellen LaCorte which I pre-ordered some time ago! There looks to be some really good titles releasing today. Several of them […]

14 Jun 19
Some Films and Stuff

Back when Some Films and Stuff had regular posts – many years ago now – I’d started working through the Bond franchise with a series of in-depth reviews and retrospectives. These days, a lot of my views on the franchise have completely changed – some softened, some stronger – and I look back on those […]

12 Jun 19
L. Loren

  Hi Lovebirds, For today’s entry into the LoveRotica Book Challenge, I have two books that are a part of the Men of Endurance Series, a joint project from USA Today Bestselling authors Olivia Gaines and Siera London. Here’s what I think: Enduring Emily by Olivia Gaines Well, if you ask me, that Emily character […]

09 Jun 19
PBC Advocate

Evolution in chronic illness As a chronic illness warrior who has dealt with migraines, meningitis, plantar fasciitis, multiple surgeries to repair damaged hyper-mobile ligaments and joints, a rare autoimmune liver disease called PBC, chronic bronchitis and allergic asthma, among a myriad of other challenges, they all pale in comparison to the big one. I always […]

09 Jun 19
Escape to Which Mountain

I gave up on trying to turn yesterday’s notes into full sentences around 10pm and managed to get a semi decent amount of sleep last night. There was a 1:15 wake up, complete with the sound of a lot of little creatures on the move, which made it difficult to fall back asleep. I woke […]

05 Jun 19
She Will Write

Burning fingertips drag across scarlet tinged water stirring up visions of chaos where water meets the taint of blood. I’m unable to focus. There’s the beating of a drum in my ears, it’s rhythm is wrapping itself around my throat. I can feel the pulse of it’s soundless music at my wrists, thumping beneath my […]

03 Jun 19

Pretty Scars by C.D. Reiss My rating: 3 of 5 stars “There are notes that go together. Play them alone and they’re fine, but play them together and it makes music. No matter the instrument or what part of the world you’re in, they’re linked by a chord. That’s us. We were waiting for the […]

30 May 19

We’re almost in June, which means it’s almost summer. So here are 28 books released in June to add to your summer TBR list. The Honeymoon – Rona Halsall ‘I’m your husband, Chloe. We’re a partnership now and we do what’s best for us as a couple. Staying here is going to be the best […]