13 Apr 19
Brian Lincoln

Pink Floyd-Jugband Blues Genre: Psychedelic Rock/pop Title: Jugband Blues Composer/Artist:. Pink Floyd Mood: Disjointed song played in three different segments. Cynical humorous lyrics. Fluctuates from cheerful to melancholy. Texture The track is rather complex due to its disjointed and sporadic instrumentation with changing time signatures throughout the verses. It is mostly polyphonic in texture. Jugband […]

04 Apr 19
60 Cycle Hum


04 Apr 19
inspired guitar

When we took a tour of Brian Ray’s splendid guitar collection, this candy-coloured oddity stood out among all the vintage Gibsons and Fenders. Full Article Here http://inspiredguitar.blogspot.com/2019/04/rare-guitars-brian-rays-vintage-teisco.html

31 Mar 19

My daughter works on the weekends with a local professional artist, a painter of guitars and motorcycles and other such things. They were cleaning out her shop today and found this guitar (bass?) body, which my daughter immediately decided would make a great restomod project. Unfortunately, I am not sure what this is. I am […]

06 Mar 19
Sidetrack Liner Notes

Dan Forte’s musical journey was blessed from the start: Family– father who loved Django Reinhardt, Location- the S.F. Bay Area, Timing- the 60s. Throw in talent, humor, taste and skill for a can’t miss mixture. Dan took full advantage of S.F.’s 60’s- 70’s scene where live music was everything.  While getting his BA at Stanford, he […]

03 Mar 19
Phillips Wordpress

Back in the 60s and 70s if you wanted to buy a guitar, you would have many less options than you would today. For instance the two biggest selling brands during these decades in the United States were Gibson and Fender products. Gibson and Fender at the time produced the best guitars that money could […]

17 Feb 19
Ryan's Remastered Guitars

Before I got deep into odd, quirky, crazier guitars, I had never heard of Harmony. They’ve been around since 1892, or so says their trademark; I started seeing them when I was looking for cheap used guitars. They were oddly priced; seemingly different prices for what looked like the same (or almost) guitars, and they […]

05 Feb 19
inspired guitar

After unveiling three eye-catching pedal prototypes last year, Teisco kicks off 2019 with its pedal trio ready to hit the market. These pedals represent a … Full Article Here http://inspiredguitar.blogspot.com/2019/02/hotly-anticipated-teisco-analog-pedals.html

28 Jan 19
Super Normal

I haven’t been able to say this for decades: I think I’m done acquiring basses. With the addition of a ’12 Japanese Fender Jaguar bass, I feel I have all that I need, and all that I have is excellent — or excellent enough. Apart form a couple lesser basses, I have an Alembic, Classic […]

21 Jan 19
No Treble

This week we’re checking out a cool retro-fied model from Ferner Fine Instruments called the Aviator Bass. Its unique body shape pays homage to “catalog guitars of the ’60s,” such as Danelectro, Teisco, Greco, Kay, Silvertone, and others.

20 Jan 19
so flawed and drunk and perfect still

“In Junior High, I joined the school band where I learned to play the trombone but the guitar was still my so-called passion. I met up with some friends who had similar addictions and we began getting together for youthful jam sessions with the notion that we would all become future rock stars. It should […]

05 Jan 19
Ryan's Remastered Guitars

I really have a backlog that I should be finishing rather than starting a new one, but I don’t always make the best decisions. These Harmony guitars are really the cheapest of the cheap – this one was for sale for $25 but I offered the seller $30 if he could hold onto it for […]

08 Nov 18


glorifiedguitars: Teisco Spectrum 5 Clear Acrylic [Source: The Music Zoo. Price: £3,138/$4,000] Glorified Guitars Links:InstagramYouTube 

22 Oct 18
Chuck’s Guitar Geekery

The quest for tone is neverending.  I’ve had my fair share of rigs over the years, some great, some crap, but they have all been part of the journey.  Sometimes I’ll show up to a gig with an amp just to see if I can get away with it.  Whether it’s just the “dirt cheap” […]

14 Oct 18
Ryan's Remastered Guitars

I routed out the German Carve on my Maestro Les Paul Jr. a few weekends back, and just have not had any time to think about messing with guitars since. The best I got done was sanding down the rout. There were a few sections with gouges and flakes and other imperfections – some caused […]