17 Feb 19
Ryan's Remastered Guitars

Before I got deep into odd, quirky, crazier guitars, I had never heard of Harmony. They’ve been around since 1892, or so says their trademark; I started seeing them when I was looking for cheap used guitars. They were oddly priced; seemingly different prices for what looked like the same (or almost) guitars, and they […]

05 Feb 19
inspired guitar

After unveiling three eye-catching pedal prototypes last year, Teisco kicks off 2019 with its pedal trio ready to hit the market. These pedals represent a … Full Article Here http://inspiredguitar.blogspot.com/2019/02/hotly-anticipated-teisco-analog-pedals.html

28 Jan 19
Super Normal

I haven’t been able to say this for decades: I think I’m done acquiring basses. With the addition of a ’12 Japanese Fender Jaguar bass, I feel I have all that I need, and all that I have is excellent — or excellent enough. Apart form a couple lesser basses, I have an Alembic, Classic […]

21 Jan 19
No Treble

This week we’re checking out a cool retro-fied model from Ferner Fine Instruments called the Aviator Bass. Its unique body shape pays homage to “catalog guitars of the ’60s,” such as Danelectro, Teisco, Greco, Kay, Silvertone, and others.

20 Jan 19
so flawed and drunk and perfect still

“In Junior High, I joined the school band where I learned to play the trombone but the guitar was still my so-called passion. I met up with some friends who had similar addictions and we began getting together for youthful jam sessions with the notion that we would all become future rock stars. It should […]

05 Jan 19
Ryan's Remastered Guitars

I really have a backlog that I should be finishing rather than starting a new one, but I don’t always make the best decisions. These Harmony guitars are really the cheapest of the cheap – this one was for sale for $25 but I offered the seller $30 if he could hold onto it for […]

08 Nov 18


glorifiedguitars: Teisco Spectrum 5 Clear Acrylic [Source: The Music Zoo. Price: £3,138/$4,000] Glorified Guitars Links:InstagramYouTube 

22 Oct 18
Chuck’s Guitar Geekery

The quest for tone is neverending.  I’ve had my fair share of rigs over the years, some great, some crap, but they have all been part of the journey.  Sometimes I’ll show up to a gig with an amp just to see if I can get away with it.  Whether it’s just the “dirt cheap” […]

14 Oct 18
Ryan's Remastered Guitars

I routed out the German Carve on my Maestro Les Paul Jr. a few weekends back, and just have not had any time to think about messing with guitars since. The best I got done was sanding down the rout. There were a few sections with gouges and flakes and other imperfections – some caused […]

03 Oct 18

New to the series? Start from the beginning! After the finishing work was done on the body and the neck was polished up and bolted in, I got to work on the pickups and hardware. Speaking strictly of the guitar itself, I’m a firm believer that the pickups and electronics have the most profound impact […]

29 Sep 18
Ryan's Remastered Guitars

I’ve always liked guitars. My Dad has a Framus f-hole acoustic guitar that used to sit in his closet, and I would take it out and play with it when I was young. In High School, probably around 1994 or 1995, they bought me a Sunn Mustang. Sunn is actually an amplifier company that was […]

28 Sep 18
808s and Line Breaks

Massive walls of chorus and reverb. For the guitarist looking to achieve the sounds of Mac DeMarco it is a simple formula at face value. Once you dive deeper you find that DeMarco’s sound is founded upon some incredibly unconventional techniques and equipment which isn’t so easy to locate. Nevertheless, with this guide in hand […]

09 Sep 18

1960’s Ranger Electric Guitar Sold in Fort Wayne IN Teisco Kawai ? MIJ – Buy – 1960’s Ranger Electric Guitar Sold in Fort Wayne IN Teisco Kawai ? MIJ

31 Aug 18
Chuck’s Guitar Geekery

Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn.  I’m not just name dropping, they’re all guitarists that have something in common: their most iconic guitars were partscasters.   They did all this in the days before Warmoth, eBay, and Reverb.com.  When you would have to cannibalize guitars to get a neck you want with […]

28 Aug 18
Bill Batson

by Bill Batson In a village that is arguably the live music capitol of the region, Jeff Rubin is one of the liveliest!  Alternately referred to as a human juke box and an encyclopedia that knows a million songs, his talent, music history, generosity, ingenuity and razor sharp wit make him a hard act to […]

24 Aug 18

Excellent 1960s Guyatone Teisco Japan WG-4L Electric Guitar Ref No 832 – Buy – Excellent 1960s Guyatone Teisco Japan WG-4L Electric Guitar Ref No 832

10 Aug 18

1960’s Ranger Electric Guitar Sold in Fort Wayne IN Teisco Kawai ? MIJ – Buy – 1960’s Ranger Electric Guitar Sold in Fort Wayne IN Teisco Kawai ? MIJ