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16 Dec 18
Daft days in Crete

It was with some surprise that we realised that we have now lived in Kavousi for five years. We bought our house on November 6th, 2013 and moved into it on November 30th.  When we came to Crete first in 2011, we came for 3 months in the winter, came back for another 12 months […]

16 Dec 18
The Life of Golden 195

My wife and I are pricing out home purchasing possibilities, and are looking at homes ranging from 290,000 up to about 360,000. We need to have a feel for the payments, and wonder if there is a quick formula to help us figure out the approximate insurance costs each month? Thanks! I recommend you to […]

13 Dec 18
Dawn Waldron

One of the nicest things that happened for me in 2018 was being featured in IHCAN Magazine, the official publication for complementary medicine practitioners. As it’s not available to the general public I’m re-blogging the article here so you can see what I’ve been up to, and maybe even learn a bit more about me…

13 Dec 18

Continued from Part 3. I had another letter from my friend Alastair Wyse who had tried to set fire to Westminster Abbey in protest against the church being so obsessed with buildings, reinforced by one from another fellow-student from St Chad’s College, Graham Mitchell, who had recently been ordained and had just attended his first […]

13 Dec 18

The official website for the all-new anime film based on Higasa Akai’s The Royal Tutor comedy manga has posted a 55-second new clip introducing Ivan and Eugene Alexandrovich, the first and second prince of the Romano Kingdom who make their first appearance in the film. You can also check the OP song for the film, […]

12 Dec 18
Michael Lawrence Sports Coaching

For coaching Practice 2 I recently had to lead a tennis session which lasted half an hour for the rest of my seminar group (roughly 15-20 people). We had to design the session plan so that it worked on one specific aspect of tennis, we therefore decided that we should focus our session on improving […]

11 Dec 18

by Odyssey Andrews Balancing athletics with academics is not easy, just ask a student-athlete at Manhattanville College. Manhattanville College, a private, liberal arts college located in Westchester County, is home to the Valiants. Their school motto, “To the Valiant of heart, nothing is impossible,” is what each attending student-athletes lives and plays by. The College’s […]

11 Dec 18
Murphy's law

Hi friends!  It’s me, Murphy!    Are you getting ready for your special holiday?  Tell me what do you celebrate?! My humans have been decorating our home and the big green tree is back.  I was confused my first Christmas why humans bring trees into the house.  I mean they sometimes cut them down and […]

11 Dec 18
News Exc Celebrity

Article and photos from

The ex-wife of George H.W. Bush’s son Neil was reportedly disinvited to the 41st President’s funeral – and she is angry.

Sharon Bush told her ex-husband Neil that she wanted to sit with their three children at Washington National Cathedral, where American public figures bade farewell to her former father-in-law.

But she was later informed by Neil Bush’s secretary that there weren’t enough pews in the cathedral, according to Page Six.

‘I was going to take the train down. I wanted to pay my respects,’ Sharon Bush told the site.

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11 Dec 18
Hunter Block's Blog

So the parents of this dude I met at the bar where Keaton works called me over to their home in Pasadena to see if I was interested in being their younger son’s “baseball tutor” – from what I could make out, the kid was desperate to make the team at his school and they […]

09 Dec 18
Sports coaching- coaching practice

For coaching Practice 2 I had to lead a tennis session which lasted half an hour for the rest of my seminar group (roughly 15-20 people). We had to design the session plan so that it worked on one specific aspect of tennis, we therefore decided that we should focus our session on improving the […]

09 Dec 18
‘The English Blog’ by A Tutor Calls

The main difference between a short story and a novel is (surprise, surprise) its length. Due to the much shorter length of a short story, it often only focuses on one major character (whereas novels have the scope to focus on many). The plot/storyline of a short story (in a nutshell) usually includes a build […]

08 Dec 18
Malcolm Drakes's Blog

Bounce was one of the first books that I covered in my professional reading. The core message of the book resonated with my personal experience. I have always been struck at how some people are very confident in their ability, and how what they have achieved is down to their hard work. Occasionally people will […]

07 Dec 18
Jody Klaire .com

I don’t often talk about health and I can’t say it’s the most comfortable thing for me to do but I believe it’s important that I speak up now. My reason for doing so is that I don’t want anymore people suffering or even dying unnecessarily because they aren’t being taken seriously. So what am […]

07 Dec 18

In the late seventies, when I was sixteen and a half, I asked one of my ugly friends if he knew why I wasn’t very popular. He looked at me with wry bemusement. ‘I think you’re really popular,’ he said. ‘For someone who’s gay.’ Being gay came as something of a surprise to me, mainly […]

06 Dec 18
Off The Page

Let’s see what our tutors are reading! The Devil in the White City -Erik Larson  I love a good historical book, and there’s one author in particular who I can always count on to make historical events interesting and exciting. His name is Erik Larson, and I’m fairly certain that most critics would agree with me in saying that […]