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14 Dec 18
Iowa Environmental Focus

Julia Poska | December 14, 2018 The U.S. may have let its climate-concerned citizens down this week at the COP24 Climate Summit in Katowice, Poland, but one Iowan woman has achieved success as part of an international team of award winners. On behalf of the U.K., U.S., and Sweden, the developers of the food sharing […]

12 Dec 18

It doesn’t matter if you’re a minimalist or maximalist, if you live in a tiny studio or sprawling mansion, everyone wants their house to feel cozy. What’s the alternative? Stale, sterile, and boring? Um, no thank you. While one of the secrets to a cozy home is creating a warm and welcoming environment for your […]

09 Dec 18

The designer celebrated his brand’s 20-year anniversary in 2018, and has plenty to be proud of.

08 Dec 18
Coogs Reviews

Since I first saw the trailer, Sorry To Bother You has been one of my most anticipated films, but one where a UK release, for a while at least, seemed a bit sketchy. It wasn’t as bad as Snowpiercer, which has only just got a UK release, but I was worried that it would be […]

07 Dec 18

Tessa Giolas Professor Strickland English 1010 November 26, 2018 A CONSUMER’S MEMOIR        As with most things in life, products tend to evolve over time. Whether that evolution happens through a methodical and natural progression or forced adaptation as a means of survival, many of the things we use on a daily basis […]

06 Dec 18

Below-the-line department heads who have the opportunity to work together on more than one film often develop a kind of communications shorthand. For production designer Franco-Giacomo Carbone and costume designer Lizz Wolf, “Creed II” marks their fourth collaboration — a relationship that began with 2008’s “Rambo.” This worked to the great advantage of the eighth […]

29 Nov 18
Two Squirrels Vegan

Much to the husband’s chagrin, and in a home already busting at the seams with two dogs, one hefty cat, two tween humans, and two hermit crabs, we adopted another fluffy puff into our brood.  We did not plan to get another cat, we lost our Flossie about 4 years ago.  We still have Lulu skulking […]

28 Nov 18

Mendip TUC Cuts Meeting, Tuesday 27th November, Assembly Rooms, Frome. As budgets across Somerset are cut to the bone a Mendip TUC meeting was called. Unite, GMB and NUT unions, Fair Frome, Citizens Advice Bureau and local representatives from Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties all came together to discuss the implications of a further […]

27 Nov 18
Աստղիկ Հակոբյան❄☃

Hometask: English in mind Dialogue by heart(անգիր), page 78, ex. 1a,b,c page 81 p.81 ex.1 a.Write the words inthe correct order. 1.I don’t like playing tennis. 2.Do you want watching soap operas on TV? 3.My brother likes swimming in the sea. 4.Her cat doesn’t like drinking milk. b.Write sentences about what the people can and can’t do. […]

21 Nov 18
The A Dot

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my very first conference as the VP of Marketing at Plan A Long Term Care Staffing & Recruitment and StaffStat. This IS Long Term Care is hosted by the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) and is a forum for OLTCA members and vendors to network, share […]

29 Oct 18
Ny's Sim Stories

San Myshuno. Darren visited once when he was younger with his mother but throughout his adult life, his money and time never seemed to come together in order to make another visit happen.

29 Oct 18
The Real Book Spy

Welcome to November, thriller fans! Christmas is coming early this year for fans of James Bond, Jack Reacher, Jack Ryan, Stephanie Plum, Alex Cross, and a number of other high-profile, mega-popular characters who are set to make their return this month. As always, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite thrillers to highlight. This month’s Featured […]

28 Oct 18
Meagan Hurst

This is going to be a long post. You’ve been warned. I’m still in a bit of turmoil at the moment, so all I can say about The Dangers with Allies is that I still spend time on it, but I am unable to do anything further to get it moving towards publication. I’m currently looking […]

26 Oct 18
Our Reckless Love

Yesterday I had to get up early to take Hunter to work so I could keep the car. After I dropped him off I headed to the Town Hall and had to pay to get my fingerprints, then walk over to the police department to have them completed. It was early, so I was the […]