10 Dec 18
HSG Gevelsberg-Silschede

Es hat schon eine gewissen Tradition, dass die Handballer der HSG Gevelsberg-Silschede bereits früh, also im Dezember, die Weichen für die neue Saison stellen. So auch diesmal beim Verbandsligisten. Manager Christof Stippel und Trainer haben zwei junge Spieler für die kommende Saison gewonnen. Beide Spieler hat Sascha Šimec bereits trainiert, als sie in der C-Jugend […]

28 Nov 18

[ooyala player_id=”f7575286f810429a979346d9a69caaef” auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ pcode=”w0YXE6xgmlhl0J3wX82XPK_EHka3″ code=”9idnVxZzE6QTYDC0HWEp27FC87PQZWNz”] MILWAUKEE — Police responded to a burglary Wednesday morning, Nov. 28 at Coffee Makes You Black near North Teutonia and Hadley in Milwaukee. Surveillance video shows it happened overnight, when the business was closed. The video shows the suspect hurled bricks at the front door, busting through two […]

24 Nov 18

A little bit of sunshine and some warmth at this time of year and we start to see some butterfly movement around the area.  Australian Painted Lady – Vanessa kershawi and the Caper White – Belenois java teutonia photographed today (24 Nov. 2018) in the garden of Mulwarrie Studios. To see more of our local […]

23 Nov 18
Reclaiming the Lost

Alright. This will be kind of touchy. So my upcoming book will (surprisingly) be the first in a new series. The series will be called The Culling, while the book’s work title is Brotherhood of the Worm. Both may be changed with time, though for the moment I see no reason to do so. The […]

19 Nov 18

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are asking for your help in identifying a suspect wanted in the business burglary of Garden Homes Lutheran Church & School. Officials say the burglary happened near Teutonia and Roosevelt on Saturday evening, Nov. 17. The suspect forced entry through the front door of the school and church shortly after 8:30 p.m., […]

18 Nov 18

MILWAUKEE — There’s a push to get more young people interested in firefighting. A fire cadet open house at the Milwaukee Safety Academy on Teutonia Avenue was held on Saturday, Nov. 17. Fire cadets had the opportunity to explore the firefighting career while also getting paid. Saturday’s open house gave prospective cadets the chance to see […]

15 Nov 18
Amici Domenicani

Profilo di sant’Alberto Magno Sant’Alberto Magno nacque verso il 1206 a Lauingen, sul Danubio, in diocesi di Augusta, da famiglia militare al servizio di Federico II. Venuto in Italia per compiere gli studi, fu prima a Bologna (1222), poi a Venezia, infine a Padova dove conobbe il beato Giordano e decise, contro la volontà dei […]

03 Nov 18
Windsor Star

Check out these photos shot by The Star’s Dax Melmer, as a deer, apparently having lost its way, wandered through the parking lot of the former Teutonia Club on Edinborough Street in Windsor on Saturday.    

03 Nov 18
Content Creator

01/11/2018 Today is already the first of november, which is crazy because it still feels like summer is just a few days back… But still, we got quite a summer feeling yesterday, when we were in the Mojave National Preserve. We came frome Las Vegas (on the Interstate 15) took the exit, where a Mojave […]

25 Oct 18

MILWAUKEE — Officials with the Milwaukee Fire Department say an infant who was not breathing was brought into Fire Station 30 on Wednesday evening, Oct. 24 and later died. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office confirms it was dispatched to the fire station — located near Teutonia and Locust. MCMEO responding to the death of […]

15 Oct 18
Wayward Strategy

I have a soft spot for non-traditional strategy games; particularly, competitive games with non-traditional economies. Over the years, I’ve realized that I have the most fun with strategy-type games that allow me to focus on territory control and combat rather than setting up a large multi-part economy (over the course of several minutes). Whether that’s […]