21 Feb 19

With Avengers: Endgame on the near horizon, I think it’s time for me to dismantle what is potentially the best untold story of all of recent movie history: The story of Thanos, the Titan. Let us begin with some simple definitions. What characteristics would you generally ascribe to a hero? Probably, your list, as well […]

21 Feb 19
SIU Play Analysis Class

I will examine the Avengers movie Infinity War. The original material is from the comic books where the Infinity Stone sequence of events is relatively unknown. The entire Infinity Stones story was more of a side ‘mission’ I guess you could call it that was largely unknown (except by comic book readers). The movie portrays […]

21 Feb 19
The Marvelologist

Who were Captain America’s most nefarious foes upon his return from being a “Capsicle”? Find out in Bring on the Bad Guys!
#8 – Captain America (1960s)

21 Feb 19
Annlyel Online

I love Avengers: Infinity War. I have watched it countless times and found a way to enjoy it with every viewing. Avengers: Endgame is coming out in two months (thank the maker) and so as we grow closer to the event of the year I’m trying to find hidden references or tantalizing easter eggs that’ll maybe give a […]

21 Feb 19

The character of Nick Fury has appeared in eight MCU movies to date

21 Feb 19

Kekalahan Thanos Bakal Lahirkan Adam Warlock di Avengers: Endgame — SINDOnews (@SINDOnews) February 21, 2019