The Orville Ratings

16 Jul 19

Type: Tv series Seasons: 2 Rating: Space stuff: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 Romance:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 Aliens:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 Technology: ☀☀☀☀☀ Summary: It is series of space travel. Captain Ed Mercer of exploratory vessel orville with his amazing and weirdest crew explore different part of galaxies. My review: It is just like normal teenage drama but with so much of spaceship and extra […]

16 Jul 19
The Musical Divide

Unmasking the masked cowboy’s debut album

10 Jul 19
The Trichordist

Editors note #1 – Over the last year, this blog has been reporting on Google’s apparent use of proxies in an attempt to intimidate members of the EU parliament into voting against the proposed EU Copyright Directive. The Copyright Directive requires social media platforms above a certain size to do more to counter copyright infringement […]

30 Jun 19
Boston Herald
Roger Ailes saw Fox News’ mission as providing “a positive message, an American message, wrapped up in a conservative viewpoint.” As history tells us, he and the cable network did a whole lot more. The story of how Ailes molded Fox News into a media powerhouse and in the process changed the political conversation in this country is told in the Showtime limited series “The Loudest Voice,” premiering Sunday at 10 p.m. Under heavy makeup and prosthetics, muscular actor Russell Crowe (“Cinderella Man,” “Gladiator”) fairly disappears into the skin of the rotund Ailes, who died in 2017 after being forced to resign from the network amid sexual harassment allegations, while Sienna Miller (“Factory Girl”) is also unrecognizable as Ailes’ wife Beth. The series follows Ailes’ stewardship of Fox News after being hired in 1996 by News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch (Simon McBurney, “The Theory of Everything”), creating a corporate culture marked by intimidation, paranoia and an us-versus-the-outside-world attitude. Among those under his command are his PR guy Brian Lewis (Seth MacFarlane, “The Orville”), who did Ailes’ dirty work; his assistant Judy Laterza (Aleksa Palladino, “Boardwalk Empire”); and his booker Laurie Luhn (Annabelle Wallis, “Peaky Blinders”), one of his lovers. Crowe portrays Ailes as a brilliant megalomaniac who abused employees, sexually harassed women and had no tolerance for anything left-leaning or politically correct. Conversely, this family man from humble beginnings in the Rust Belt of Ohio wanted to make America great again and he would use his pulpit at Fox News to do it by any means necessary. “Roger was like many in his era,” director Kari Skogland said, “very entitled and empowered to abuse situations and to abuse his power. And he obviously took it into political arenas and abused his ability to sway the public. But having said that, I think he was the first to identify the true power of television in politics, and I think we’re only just grappling with the truth of that now.” Under Ailes’ direction, according to the series, Fox News gave its audience what it wanted, advancing conspiracy theories, phrasing accusations against political enemies as questions and even coordinating with the Bush White House to make its case for the Iraq War. It all made for big ratings, but Ailes’ right wing fervor sometimes drew Murdoch’s ire when it clashed with his business pragmatism. Gabe Sherman, on whose book “The Loudest Voice in the Room” the series is based, describes the relationship between the two men as complicated. “(Murdoch) was trying to forge alliances with Democrats,” he said, “because in 2008, when Barack Obama was elected, it really looked like the country was shifting and Murdoch wanted to be on the right side of that shift. And so him and Ailes got crossways over the election of Obama. “And so it’s a very competitive relationship also,” he continued. “Ailes really saw himself as the creator of Fox News and the visionary that gave life to the channel, and Murdoch, being the billionaire media mogul, also sees himself as the author of Fox News. So in many ways, these two larger-than-life figures were very competitive with each other even though they worked together. So it definitely is the stuff that makes for great television, to see these two characters kind of go at it.”
29 Jun 19
Steve's Football Weblog

And we’re all paid up for 2018!  Sweet! And here’s something pool-related that I’ve been meaning to get to.  It’s not even July, so there’s no rush, but consider this, if you will.  Y’all know we have to pick games for Thursday nights, but the hard cut off for the remaining picks is game time […]

26 Jun 19
Women's dresses stylish plus size clothing

Simple party dresses for ladies – Prom long party ladies for simple dresses quality ireland online Last Minute Dress, time: 4:50 Simple party dresses for ladies bridal cheap Regardless of the season, the cut, the color or style, we are sure you can find by putting on the pants and zipping or i shorten my […]

26 Jun 19
Women's dresses stylish plus size clothing

Red carpet dresses angelina jolie – From carpet angelina jolie dresses red portland oregon party Jennifer Aniston VS Angelina Jolie – Who’s more stylish?, time: 3:13 Red carpet dresses angelina jolie uniform A denim jacket serves as the quintessential season-to-season. Red carpet dresses angelina jolie One Free boxer brief per order. You may terminate the […]

18 Jun 19

Hello friends! Welcome to my newest installment of my 365 Days of Disney! It’s been a hot minute, but my head has not really been in a writing space. It’s been a struggle, to be honest. But I’m forcing myself back into the saddle and hoping this will breed new inspiration for me in other […]

06 Jun 19
Som2ny Network

The aura of terrorist assaults loomed large in 2002 with deadly attacks in Bali, Moscow and the Middle East. Meanwhile, the U.S. hunted al Qaeda in Afghan caves, prepared to face off Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and fended off snipers around its capital — all as the dust continued to settle from the catastrophic events […]

06 Jun 19

Striking Vipers was a unique take on gaming… See the best memes and reactions to the new Black Mirror episode.

06 Jun 19
Multiverse Tonight

Welcome to Multiverse Tonight! I’m your host Thomas Townley and this episode marks our first anniversary. I’d like to thank all of you that have listened to me for the past year. If you’d like to help just go to patreon or and search for Multiverse Tonight. Also, I will be doing a giveaway […]

05 Jun 19
Astute News

• There was no “Tiananmen Square Massacre” as such. There was considerable loss of life in two-sided clashes in parts of Beijing adjacent to the square, but no firing into the crowd in the square of BBC/CNN tales. • If anything the Party’s reaction to the protest which shut down key portions of the capital city was […]

03 Jun 19
Koeur's Book Reviews

  Publishing Date:April 2019 Publisher: BooksGoSocial ISBN: 9780648182450 Genre: Fantasy Rating: 2.5/5 Publisher’s Description: Noah Chord is just an ordinary teenager … or is she? One day, hearing-impaired, budding fashion designer, Noah, is at school; the next she’s saving the world. Not her world though – a place called Talisker, a world woven from music. And it […]

03 Jun 19
Journeys in Classic Film

When Kino Lorber made plans to release several of the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope “Road to…” movies I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve never taken a trip with Bing and Bob, though the influences of their seven collaborations together in the series had long-standing ramifications for the rest of Hollywood. Unfortunately I soon discovered I’d started […]

30 May 19
Comrade Finnegan

Western reports about Tienanmen Square are never without a very clear bias against the Chinese government. But this piece tries to present itself as being above political commenting and merely recounts the horrible memories of that fateful day in 1989. No doubt Ms. Jiang’s memories are genuine. I don’t believe she is being dishonest or […]

29 May 19

Today is the 116th birthday of an entertainer whose list of honors is almost as long as his list of films:  Bob Hope. In his one hundred years of life, he received four Oscars, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, a Congressional Medal of Freedom, two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a Kennedy Center Honor, […]