The Shaman’s Poison

06 Apr 19
Studies in Anthropology & More

By Meryl Simon Written for the Anthropology Is about You and Everyone class taught by Dr. Arnold Perey at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation in New York City.  Very early in his life, Eli Siegel wanted to find the “things common to all things,” and he found them: the aesthetic oneness of opposites. The principles of […]

01 Apr 19

Strophe LEAPING EAGLES We must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux, Even to their extermination, men, women & children. General William Tecumesh Sherman **** America, to far off future flung, Remember when your states of mind were young With hope & newfound freedom, in those days Foundations delve forever & always, Of oppositions complementing […]

21 Mar 19
Three Hundred and Thirty-Three

Magical styles for Ritual Path Magic follow a format altered from the standard styles (Pyramid 3/66 page 9-12). The differences are that RPM styles require Thaumatology as one of the required skills, have required path skills and ritual masteries instead of required spells, give 5% energy cost reduction instead of broadening wards and counterspells, have […]

20 Mar 19

The reek of incense is overpowering before Asena even sets foot in the temple. She’s never gotten used to it. She’s last in line behind eleven other initiates who haven’t bathed in a fortnight, yet the smoke goes straight to her head. She tries to blink away the nauseating sensation of burning psychotropic herbs hitting […]

06 Feb 19

November 16th 2008 Central Square, Sanctorium Deltwitch. Elita Strange shuffles me before the man-sized mirror for close inspection, as though my image were some kind of offering; a gift to the beings of a parallel world so curiously peering into ours. A gift, of course, wrapped in the blaze of a red tuxedo – a […]

01 Feb 19

Chapter 675: Someone Else   Translator: Dess Editor:EbonyFrost “Mr. 2567?” Anne Aldrich Augen asked politely but the next moment, she already pulled out the chair to sit herself down. The whole process was soft and polite with even the absence of unnecessary rattling noises. Even the way she sat down was naturally beautiful as though she was […]

16 Jan 19
Roaring Whispers

By Amy Hailey 01/2019 Stepping off the canoe Her toes sink into the mud The curtain of vines and trees before her Shield the unknown Humid, hot, and sticky Beads of sweat drip down her breast Her chest swarms and buzzes Her heartbeat, a banging drum Each chirp, and hiss, and rustle Pulses adrenaline through […]

10 Dec 18
Xiao's Yaoi Playground

药人毒- Poison of the Human Panacea Chapter 1 “When you love, you will worry. When you love, you will also fear; if you do not love, you will not worry and have no fear.” < The Dharma[i] > The ancient metal door opened with a clang, and the foul smell of putrid water gusted outwards, […]

03 Dec 18
The World of Elisahd

“Twisting Nature?” I ask. “What do you mean?” “Please,” the Grackle entreats, “follow me to my home and I can make this much clearer.” The fey woman laughs. “I will leave you to it,” she murmurs, shaking her head and backing toward the currently tamed thicket. “Please, do not leave!” Urgency sharpens the Grackle’s plea. […]

19 Nov 18
Jessica Davidson

After the darkness of the scorpion comes liberation on the wings of a horse. As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is on a quest for enlightenment and higher knowledge of the truth. It unifies the animal and the human to create a bridge between earth and the heavens. Sagittarius is a masculine sign and ruled […]

18 Nov 18
The Anime Rambler - By Benigmatica

Here’s the Priestess as she’s still staying at the Water Town together with her party. Right now, she’s just relaxing at the hot springs because it’s tiring for the Priestess to cast Protection all the time.

17 Nov 18
Kvasir 369's Anime, Manga, and Game Blog

  Be the nail in your own coffin! The seventh episode is out now and we’re continuing our dive into the sewers of Water Town in order to find and eliminate the source of the Goblin Menace. Will the challenges they face be more than our party can handle? Find out as we Recap and […]

17 Nov 18
Finnish Shamans - Enemies, Allies, Spells

The goblins (hiisi, plural: hiidet) are ancient forest gods. They are found in forests, inside mountains, and in waters. Mountains are called goblins’ castles, and the realm of goblins is called Hiitola, Goblinland. In folklore, the goblins have gradually turned from gods into devil-like creatures who attack, steal, poison, cause accidents. They shoot invisible arrows […]

13 Nov 18

Crush the cartel that rules over Santa Fortuna in Hitman 2 with our complete ‘Silent Assassin, Suit Only’ guide.

26 Oct 18
Tails of a Druid

– 1 – The arcane currents whispered, swaying the tips of golden hair so it brushed over bare shoulders. Goose flesh pimpled the skin, alerting that a portal had opened nearby. Deyrdra sighed heavily with annoyance; She had placed wards to indicate a desire to remain undisturbed but it seemed they were proving ineffectual. Her […]