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19 Mar 19

OKLAHOMA CITY – The investigation continues into what led to the deadly plane crash Monday in far northwest Oklahoma City. Emergency crews were called to Sundance Airport, 13000 Sara Rd., shortly after 3:30 p.m. on Monday after a corporate jet crashed while landing at the airport, officials said. On Tuesday, officials from the NTSB on-site […]

19 Mar 19
2017/1[9] Caterham 310R SV Build

I’d consciously gone into the PBC with an attitude of “95% is close enough, and I’ll let Caterham finish up” for some aspects of the build. The alternative would be to spend more build days/weekends tweaking the last few jobs when I wasn’t really sure what 100% looked like anyway in most cases, so there […]

19 Mar 19

After struggling for years to get pregnant due to PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), it finally happened. In July, 2012, my partner and I found out we were expecting a child and my due date was March 17, 2013. The pregnancy was a wonderful experience, everything was going smoothly and we found out we were having […]

19 Mar 19
🎶Meazy Music Blogger🎶

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19 Mar 19
Rocky Mountain Restoration

Water Restoration Phoenix Phoenix Water Damage#1 Water Damage Restoration in Phoenix, Mesa, and Gilbert AZ  Water Damage Restoration Mesa AZWhen disaster strikes or the unexpected happens, the last thing you should have to worry about is making sure your home or business is put back in living and working order. Water Damage Restoration in Phoenix Arizona  […]

19 Mar 19
Lendoco In the past 3 months, we have been searching far and wide for an upcoming ICO that isn’t a scam. This journey took us all the way to Transylvania, where we found a project that is not only extremely talented, and far ahead of their competition, but also are raising less than 5 Million […]

19 Mar 19

STORY LINE While cleaning one of his father’s rifles as a birthday surprise, young Ed Jr. accidentally shoots his mother. Ed never forgives his son for this, and the two become estranged. Years later, while Ed and his friends are trying to think of something to do for their college’s fall break, Big Ed calls, […]

19 Mar 19
Shoes and Feet

    The President of the United States has big feet to fill. No question. However, little is known of the shoe sizes of the first 15 Presidents other than George Washington (1732-1799) wore a size 13, and Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826) a size 12.5. Washington’s shoes were the established, low-cut style with ornate […]

19 Mar 19
Pep's Free From Kitchen

I put up a rope to keep them from escaping. Part of a planned water feature. Aka a bird bath and this, maybe some stones. The other sprayer nozzles need more sun and are fiddly. Self-seeded viola. Yes, Dear Reader, Jack is moving up in the world, his garden will soon have its very own […]

19 Mar 19
24 Inch Laces

Out of nowhere they launched up the Leagues, and entertained the starry eyed masses with a sky high cup run. It was bright, colourful and charismatic – the stuff of non league dreams. But no sooner had the starburst exploded, than it began to fizzle out, and fall back from whence it came. The crowds […]

19 Mar 19
Maga One News

Days after a climbable sculpture called the Vessel opened at New York’s Hudson Yards megadevelopment, critics are questioning a policy that grants the attraction’s owners broad rights to use photos posted by visitors.

Terms and conditions that visitors must click on to secure a free ticket to the 150-foot structure, which some have compared to an upside-down pine cone, include language granting the Vessel the right "in perpetuity" to publish or distribute any photos and videos of the structure posted by visitors on their social media accounts.

The policy also says the owners of the Vessel, which opened Friday, have "the unconditional, irrevocable right" to use their own photos and videos of visitors "in all media and formats, whether now known or later developed."

Jessica Scaperotti, a spokeswoman for developer Related Cos., said the terms and conditions are modeled on policies that are in place at similar local and national attractions.

"As we are a new destination, we wanted to over communicate, be transparent and disclose to all users that we may re-share select social posts on our social channels and website that visitors have already shared publicly on their social channels," Scaperotti said Tuesday. She added, "If someone takes a great photo we want the ability to share it on our social channels."

But City Council member Ben Kallos, a Manhattan Democrat, said he planned to introduce legislation to make sure that tourists’ photos and videos "are not taken and sold to the highest bidder."

"Security cameras can help keep us safe, but storing footage for marketing is a nightmare," Kallos said. He suggested that if photo-use policies similar to the Vessel’s are in place elsewhere the Council should examine that as well.

"Now that we are aware of the problem I will be looking into this citywide and I hope I will have the help and support of Hudson Yards," Kallos said.

The Vessel’s terms and conditions drew fire from organizations that represent photographers as well.

"Needless to say, an attraction like this in NYC means that Hudson Yards need never spend a dollar on advertising or content creation; they have every visitor to do it for them for free," Thomas Maddrey, an attorney for the American Society of Media Photographers, said in a statement.

Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association, said the controversy shows that too many people check boxes on terms and conditions without reading them. "It just goes to show how important reading and understanding those terms are before agreeing to them," he said.

Source: Fox News National

19 Mar 19

It is negative -27 degrees Fahrenheit outside as Scott Emalfarb walks into Manny’s Cafeteria and Delicatessen in downtown Chicago. The polar vortex that has plagued Chicago for the past three days does not stop Scott from showing up to the interview. The president and founder of Fresh Content Society arrives a little late, apologizes for […]

19 Mar 19

Bitcoin BTC/USD Price From yesterday’s open at $4068 the price of Bitcoin increased at first by 1.23% coming to $4119 but since it came up to those levels slightly lower than the Saturday’s high an immediate downfall occurred to the same levels as it did after the Saturday’s decreased ended at around $4050 area. Click […]

19 Mar 19
Christy's Young Adult Imagineers

It’s a Little Taste of What’s coming up. There’s a Storm Brewing…             When seventeen-year-old Jory Pike cannot shake the hellish nightmares of her parent’s death, she turns to an old family heirloom, a dream catcher. Even though she’s half blood Chippewa, Jory thinks old Indian lore is so yesterday, but she’s willing to give […]

19 Mar 19
Russia News Now

Authored by Simon Black via, Starting in 2021, Americans will require permission to visit Europe… technically the 26 borderless countries within Europe’s Schengen area. The process will start out simple enough, taking about ten minutes to complete and costing around $8. The EU estimates it will grant about 95% of the Americans who apply three years […]