The Winter Soldier Fanfic

28 May 19
Ars Translations

Arc 2, Crescent MoonChapter 10 Come the next day, the weather continued to be pleasant. Ernst thought that they had been blessed with good weather, but it seemed that his assumptions had been incorrect. “It’s probably because of Mount Ekze. There are very few snowstorms around these parts.” So said the villager who served to […]

20 May 19
The Avengers Compound

One In A Million:  A Hawkeye Fanfic Series MasterlistPrevious // Buy me a ☕ Character Pairing:  Clint Barton x EveryoneWord Count:  566Rating:  MSquare filled:  None this chapterWarnings:  Canon-typical violenceSynopsis:  In a World where soulmates exist, and they are one in a million, seven thousand exist for each person, just on Earth.Clint comes face to face with a ghost story […]

05 May 19

I fully intend to write a book review in the coming days, but this post will be about writing. Yes, I’m talking about a movie character, but movies have screenwriters who (hopefully) write good stories for the movies. And one recently released movie, which has literally dusted its competition, has been getting complaints from some […]

29 Apr 19
Cinema Sangha

This contains spoilers for Avengers Endgame. When is a movie not movie? This isn’t some kind of riddle, but rather an attempt to figure out how to approach a film like Avengers Endgame, which feels not quite like a motion picture as we define them and more like an event. It’s an experience first and […]

25 Apr 19
We are all burdened with glorious purpose

Hey guys! It’s good to be back! I have been busy lately and haven’t got around to blogging. I will be continuing the MCU character review series, and I am working on a series of Marvel fanfic! Will be posting those soon. Stay tuned my friends! First off, Endgame comes out today!! I will be […]

25 Apr 19
The Avengers Compound

The Grind House: A Bucky Barnes Fanfic Series Masterlist Buy me a ☕ Character Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x  F!Reader Word Count:  2201 Rating:  E Square filled:  @buckybarnesbingo​ – B1, AU- Coffee Shop, @star-spangled-bingo​ – coffee shop au Warnings:  None for this chapter, future smut most likely Synopsis:  When Bucky Barnes stops to get coffee and warm up at […]

18 Apr 19
The Avengers Compound

Winding Down – A Winter Soldier Fanfic Square:  K1, Kink: “Don’t Stop.” Warning:  PWP, Smut (Vaginal Sex, sex in front of a mirror) Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x F!Reader Word Count:  1335 Summary:   After a long day Bucky helps you let things go. Winding Down You stood at the vanity brushing your teeth.  It had been a long […]

17 Apr 19
Dreamer in the Mirror

Season Three Four years have passed and we’re thrown straight into the war. Athos is leading a charge in Spoils of War. He’s knocked down and the Spanish begin their attack, but his brothers Porthos and D’Artagnan defend their commander until he is up. Frustratingly, the general insists that the field must be taken, even […]

17 Apr 19
Tyrone Bruinsma Films

Written by Tyrone Bruinsma So how many of you saw that Crimes of Grindelwald movie last year? How many of you liked or remembered it? Probably not as much if I asked about any of the main series Harry Potter films about 10 years earlier (then again I checked out around Order of the Phoenix). […]

27 Mar 19
The Avengers Compound

Skin Contact:  A Bucky Barnes Fanfic Series MasterlistPREVIOUS // Buy me a ☕ Character Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x F!Reader Word Count:  3262 Series Warnings:  Angst, smut (vaginal sex, oral sex), PTSD, mentions of past torture.  Superpowered Reader. Synopsis: While on the run in Romania you come across a man who has a past very similar to your own. […]

27 Mar 19

Fandom: Marvel/Superhero Characters-Steve Rogers ( Captain America), Tony Stark ( Iron-Man), Pepper, Carol Danvers (Carol), Nick Fury, Peter Parker ( Spiderman),Thor, Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Clint Brown (Hawkeye), Loki, Scarlet Witch (Wonder), Vision, Bucky (Winter Soldier), Scott Lang (Ant-Man), Sam Wilson (Falcon),James “Rhodey” Rhodes (War Machine), Black Panther, Year: 2018 Written by – Karishma Patel […]

24 Mar 19
The Avengers Compound

I Think He Likes You:  A Stucky Fanfic Series Masterlist (and to see what’s going on with Nat and the Girl at the Coffee Shop) Buy me a ☕ Character Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers Word Count:  3278 Warnings:  Very fluffy, 18+ warning for smut on the series as a whole.  But this chapter can be […]

22 Mar 19
The Avengers Compound

The Future Mrs. Barnes:  A Bucky Barnes Fanfic Series Masterlist// PREVIOUS Buy me a ☕ Character Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x F!Reader Word Count:  3449 Series Warnings:  Angst, twists, smut (oral and vaginal sex, fingering), Cheating. Synopsis:  During a fight with a HYDRA agent, you and Bucky Barnes are transported to a world where time doesn’t seem to […]