08 Dec 18
Layered Movement

Whether you are trying to master the Extended Butterfly on pole, get your one-armed meathook, or perfecting your Port De Bras, the strength and mobility of your shoulders will play an important role in both the stability and the fluidity of your movement. When I talk about maximizing my shoulder strength and mobility, I’m generally […]

06 Dec 18

Following our most recent post I thought we might explore how we as occupational therapist’s can advocate for our profession. As I stated in the “Master of None” blog post it is much easier said than done. We as OT’s are great at what we do, but many do not know what we do. Believe […]

06 Dec 18

Physical Therapy has always been a top career in the back of my mind, and as of right now the one I am most interested in. While conducting research, a article by Farjad and Asma Azfal, stood out the most to me because It involved my two favorite things, physical therapy/ helping others and children, […]

06 Dec 18
From PR to ER and Back!

An update on my current stats! On October 10th, I decided to record some of my stats: swimming yardage, spin bike mileage, and other notable achievements from my first four and a half months of recovery. Now, as a way to motivate myself and celebrate how far I have come, I am taking a look […]

03 Dec 18
the Bold Bach

Today is definitely a Monday. After a full weekend of welcoming the holiday season, I need another day off and a nap! My co-workers are trying to keep me fueled with coffee and humor but who knows how much longer til I crash. Friday night we had an event in our community. The leasing office […]

29 Nov 18
Searching for Sunshine

This was our final class before the 15th week presentation and i started to make my final model. For our final model we used theraband and elastic to make it.We also had to stitch it and make it look like a belt and did it wit a bit more detailing. The entire class went by […]

29 Nov 18

Announcements Naughty Or Nice is Dec 1. Register for free at and come WOD with us on December 1 at 10am. All ages and abilities welcome. Bring a monetary donation to go to Endure Athletics, serving homeless youth in the Murfreesboro area. Brunch Pot Luck to follow. Save the date. CFM Christmas party at […]

27 Nov 18
John Epstein

Strengthen your shins (tibialis anterior), increase your ankle mobility, release tension on your calves: Using a theraband for resistance, flex and point your feet. A lot of great info on mobility and more stretches in this article. CLICK HERE FOR MORE CLICK HERE FOR MORE

27 Nov 18
Sylvia ~ Dancer

Hi everyone! Sylvia generously invited me to collaborate here about the role of stretching in recovery. As some of you may have seen from my blog here or my Instagram, I broke my foot in modern class earlier this year. We were doing a move across the floor, and I landed on the outside of […]

26 Nov 18
Rivercity Pilates

This gift basket contains a purple ball and a Rivercity Pilates Theraband and instructions on suggested exercises to do every day to keep your back healthy and strong!     This great gift box is already packaged, wrapped and ready to go, AND comes with a free Roll, Release and Relax class certificate! 

22 Nov 18
Global Chiropractic

The body has an amazing ability to heal. Never underestimate it! If you give the body a chance to function to its full potential through Chiropractic, and the assistance of Massage, you can achieve a better you. Our goal through Chiropractic for shoulder injuries is to restore the full range of movement to the shoulder […]

21 Nov 18
My Mom's Stroke Recovery

With mom’s physical therapy sessions in a clinic, there was less time for Kevin to do any updates besides telling us which therapy sessions there were. Most days were pretty normal though and consisted of driving mom to her appointments, making mom her meals, flushing out the feeding tube, working through exercises in the orange […]

20 Nov 18

Theraband Squats – better for your knees and strengthens your gluteus medius CLICK HERE FOR MORE CLICK HERE FOR MORE