12 May 19

You can fly free to Prague for a cruise on the amazing Danube where you’ll pass by incredible history and scenery plus more cruise deals of the week.

21 Apr 19
Yindyamarra Winhanganha

Passau – Bavarian Forest Passau, Germany Dec 19, 2018 Bavarian Forest Following the morning walking tour of Passau, there was a quick lunch and by 1.00pm we were in coaches heading 30 minutes into the Bavarian countryside. We had made this trip in 2013, however decided that a ride in a covered wagon through a […]

27 Dec 18
Christmas on the Danube

Regensberg, Germany For the last several weeks and months the rains did not fall in the Danube River Valley so the river level dropped and dropped and dropped. It dropped so far the ships from all the cruise lines had great difficulty navigating the channel. They feared getting stuck in the river bottom. Often buses […]