14 Feb 19
less is the new more

Gear. I could spend hours boring you to tears with every spec, weight, and pro/con of every piece of gear. Because that’s what PCT hikers become: Gear Geeks and Weight Weinies. Instead, I’ll just post a list and some pics. You will probably notice that Charisse and I pretty much use the same gear, with […]

14 Feb 19
Helen of Troy Hikes the Appalachian Trail

Walking away from my mom’s car on July 8th, I didn’t have enough room in my 82 liter pack to fit everything… Along with my pack stuffed to the brim, I held a large book and a nalgene in my hands. While I hung out at Katahdin Stream Campground, tons of people asked me if […]

14 Feb 19
Debs hiking Journey

No one wants to carry a heavy pack, but we also want to be safe and to enjoy the hike. If you can do this with a light pack then I think that’s fantastic, but not everyone is into the ultra-light hiking and I guess I’m one of those people. Of course I would love […]

13 Feb 19
Outsiding Fun & Fitness

Share This 0 others did. Support us and pass it along… In our latest Rider and Rig, we chat with singlespeed Tour Divide crusher Bailey Newbrey, and get the lowdown on his recent headfirst dive into ultra racing, how he packs his 35lb race setup, and his plans to set up a new bike shop […]

13 Feb 19
Adventures with Five Kids and Farming

Today the kids slept in until 7 am! However, I was still up at 5 am. We had breakfast at our hotel and checked out. The hotel had a neat idea with a climbing wall into the bunk beds. The room felt pretty small for all of us. Dakota and Ryder were both complaining of […]

13 Feb 19

We headed up the coast to “Reptilandia” for Mike to get a closer look at some of the snakes that have eluded him in the wild. It’s crazy how hard it can be to spot them, even when they’re snoozing in a 4’x5′ cage right in front of you! They also had an impressive collection […]

11 Feb 19

When packing for my multi-day hikes, I usually do not bring an inflatable pillow. I hardly ever miss it, but -maybe even more importantly- I tend to wake up in the middle of the night with my pillow somewhere in my tent. While I was preparing for my upcoming Arctic Circle Trail thru-hike and when […]

10 Feb 19

As part of my Wild Deer 1 Program with the Pine Project, I have chosen to build 6 different outdoor shelters from natural materials and spend one night in each over the next five months.  For my first project I decided to build a quinzee in the backyard and sleep in it.  A quinzee is […]

07 Feb 19
Adventures with Aubrey

Ever since Aubrey started full time preK in the fall I’ve offered multiple times to let her skip school to go hiking and she has always declined. Well with a couple days forecasted to be in the 50s I once again approached the subject. I was floored when she actually said yes! So on Tuesday […]

06 Feb 19

We were getting into the heat of summer as we trudged through Northern California. My backpack was starting to rub my back raw and chafe was a serious issue. We tried to beat the heat of the day by getting up earlier and walking most of the day’s miles in the morning, just like in […]

30 Jan 19

I tried to minimise my load a bit, compared to the South-America trip. Less cold weather gear and less rain gear, a lighter sleeping bag, etc… to create some space for extra food and water. I’m still a big fan of Hilleberg tents, but the large Nammatj 2GT would be overkill for Australia, and it […]

29 Jan 19
Campfire Magazine

Which is the best sleeping bag for general camping? We’ve been testing lots of sleeping bags and come up with the top lightweight, small-pack picks for three-season campers.

25 Jan 19

  The Rae Lakes Loop Days 1 and 2 ***The following is Brian’s account of his hike of the Rae Lakes Loop with a group of close friends in 2014. Please consult the NPS website for details as many things might have changed since he hiked. With darkness approaching I found myself clutching to my […]

24 Jan 19
Weightless Camping

I use the Thermarest Prolite Plus (weight 688g and R-Value[1]: 3.4). It is a good tough self-inflating mat, which still gets used. I also have the extra short Thermarest Prolite mat (weight 292g and R-Value: 2.4). It is very light but thin and I really can’t come to terms with having my legs on the […]