Tiger Balm

19 May 19
Weeks of Beauty

Here’s a quick little blog about the Sephora Favorites Sun Safety kit. I am still in the process of trying out all the products but I wanted to let you know that this amazing kit is still in stock! The previous years, the Sephora Favorites Sun Safety kit always sold out really fast. I purchased […]

18 May 19
Aal-e-Qutub Aal-e-Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi

Faith. And love. It is all that matters in this courtyard. Bibi Zuleikha’s father, Khwaja Arab, was a man of riches in Bukhara when the Mongol Chinghiz Khan eyed the riches of the city. He sacked Bukhara, looted its wealth and murdered thousands. Bibi Zuleikha, Khwaja Arab and their family escaped the bloodbath and fled […]

18 May 19
Saran's Travels

I am writing this blog mostly so that I can reminisce by reading it when I am old and my memory is poor. So it will contain a lot of unnecessary personal detail that other travel blogs may not have. If someone else reads it and it helps them out in their travel or even […]

18 May 19
Tummies On Tour

Solo tripping, is not everyone’s cup of tea…and was certainly not mine! While I know people who just love travelling solo, given an option, I would never want to. This trip was my first solo trip and it just happened to me like that! I was in between switching jobs and had a few days […]

16 May 19
Confetti Hemp

This Beeswax-based salve is similar to Tiger Balm. To be avoided in the eyes and lips. It contains camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint, spearmint, and other liniments making this topical extremely affective for arthritis, aches, pains, and other dermatological problems.

15 May 19
E-Economic Express

Dinesh Pangtey has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LIC Mutual Fund. IPS officer Chhaya Sharma has been awarded the 2019 McCain Institute Award for Courage and Leadership. Seventeen developing countries have stressed on working collectively to strengthen the World Trade organization (WTO) to promote development and inclusivity for the benefits of all […]

15 May 19
Brown Girls in Beijing

Good Morning, Beautiful People! Hope you all are well. This will be short. I didn’t do much this week. Work has been good. I think I told y’all last week about how our schedule has been a little messed up so it causes some confusion but the kids are still learning English, lol. I’ve just […]

15 May 19

ASIA PART ONE Siam Reap CAMBODIA This was my first trip out of the US. My daughter had been living in South Korea teaching English and before she came home we decided to take a trip to several countries in Asia. Cambodia was our first stop of our month-long excursion. Just for the record my […]

14 May 19
Indigo Salon and Wellness

Being an independent salon, Indigo has the freedom to choose the best products out there. We are not brand exclusive, so we have the freedom to hand pick our favorites in each category. This series is going to unpack all the wonderful reasons we chose each brand on our shelves. Now, on to one of […]

14 May 19

This is the unboxing for the April SpearCraft Book Box. The theme was Legendary Rebels. The spoiler card was designed by @dakotahblackart. Flame In The Mist inspired candle from @spearcraftbookbox. Scent is cherry blossoms. The Wrath And The Dawn inspired quote mug. Throne Of Glass Aelin inspired magnetic bookmark by @spearcraftbookbox. This is the other […]

14 May 19
J. Wheeler Private Client Group, LLC

There is no substitute for feeling heard, understood and cared for. These are the gifts of human connection, an integral component of healing from the trauma of sexual abuse and assault. For survivors on the path to healing, it’s vital we connect with people who will sit with us in our pain and struggle, appreciate our […]

14 May 19
NYC Running Coach and Personal Training

Proper recovery tactics allow you to bounce back quickly and stronger than ever, while avoiding the nagging injuries which can plague you for an entire season. Here’s an approach to recovery which has been effective for me and for the runners I coach. Race Day Recovery Following the race, perform the usual cool-down and stretching, […]

13 May 19

This is a quick shout out post to share the magic that is Tiger Balm. For anyone who has chronic pain (like me!), I suggest having Tiger Balm in their medicine cabinet. I struggle with back pain regularly, and although I try to stretch consistently, not lift heavy things, etc., the pain will always pop […]

13 May 19
heywhitesea ☁️

Hello, it’s current-me speaking. I was clearing out my drafts folder at work today (in a bid to be unproductive and not actually clear my mid-year examination marking) and realised that despite not posting very much for the second half of 2018, I did make an effort to write! It’s just that they were rather […]

12 May 19
Feeding & Thinking

So far my new routine has been pretty good. Smashed out 5 out of 7 days of training, completed all my PL (“powerlifting”) days and incorporated one cardio day. Energy levels in this vegetarian diet have been quite alright as I’ve gotten efficient sleep this week and drowned myself in a lot of tea and […]