17 Feb 19
The Slipcover Maker

Have you ever shopped for home decor prints online and completely got caught up in the thrill of the hunt? If you have, you know how much fun it is to click through dozens hundreds of colorful fabric designs and envision how each one would look in a slipcover. Before you know it┬áseveral hours have […]

17 Feb 19
seattle modern quilt guild

Having a co-chair like Debbie meant we were going to have to use one of the colors of the year in a quilt! Every year Debbie makes a quilt using the Kona and Pantone colors of the year! For these we went with Kona’s Tigerlily fabric. For the March quilt, we decided to skip improv […]

14 Feb 19

I have a new pattern out, a collaboration with Helene Magnusson who produces a very special Icelandic lace weight yarn called Love Story. It’s called Swimming Pool, and reflects the Icelandic love of bathing outdoors in naturally heated pools – even while the snow is falling: These top two photos were taken by Helene on […]

14 Feb 19
Tigerlily Has a Blog

Ugh, I have been meaning to write this review all damn week, but have been putting it off. I think it is gonna have to be a brief one, but here we go… The ‘Critic’s Consensus’ on Rotten Tomatoes for this movie refers to it as having ‘muted emotional impact.’ To that I say: Are […]

12 Feb 19
Tigerlily's Nook

Hello! My name is Tigerlily and this is my new blog. I want to share here just a bit of everything from poetry to real life, to quotes and advice. I want everyone to feel welcome here and have a place they can feel themselves. I hope you all enjoy your stay here in my […]

10 Feb 19
My Story of Overcoming My Disabilities

That’s how it looks outside right now. It’s been snowing all day. It took me two hours to get out of bed. The cold and the wet always makes me hurt. My energy is gone. Just not a good day so far. I did eventually move out into my living room and get comfy on […]

10 Feb 19
South OC Beaches

Celebrate Lunar New Year at Irvine Spectrum Sunday February 10 2019.

10 Feb 19


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