15 Dec 18
Version 2.0

A simple thing like movies. It’s so convoluted in my head, I don’t know if I can get it out because a few things are happening at once. I woke early, made coffee and found a movie to watch. “Kepler’s Dream. What We Treasure, Brings Us Together ” The description reads that an 11 year old girl […]

15 Dec 18
The Isle Of Thanet News

It’s the weekend and, if you are not too busy Christmas shopping, here are a few ideas of things to do and see in Thanet. Northern Lights, Santa and a Wassail This weekend is the last chance to see the Northern Lights laser show over Ramsgate harbour. The lights go on at 5pm until 10pm. Father […]

15 Dec 18

1. ‘It’s Paper time now… get the lead out!’ – Tom Hanks as Wooly Bully Grimes in Chesapeake Chariots. 2. ‘I think we’re alone now!’ ‘There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.’ ‘That’s what alone means you cunt!’ – Ralph Fiennes as himself in You’ve been Framed the motion Picture. 3. ‘Like this!’ – Jesse […]

14 Dec 18
Iniciativa Debate

Cuando nació la infanta Leonor -31.10. 2005-, se escribieron tantas memeces que sería imposible reproducirlas en diez folios.