Tilley Lamp

18 Jul 19
Expedition from the Backdoor

After a year, less one week, of living off-grid (indeed largely ‘off-power’) on Gometra, I begin this piece, hoping to finish it in time to mark the anniversary. We arrived just three weeks before the start of the Scottish Autumn term (August 16th 2018), having waited until the end of the English Summer term (July […]

03 Jul 19
A Broadsman

As you’ve read – that first season I relished all that’s good about wooden boat ownership. It was halcyon days, but my ignorance would soon come galloping to catch me up. First off – I know that this first winter I needed to address the rudder. It was extremely worrying, how little control I had […]

25 Jun 19

somewhere at the edge of the swamps I’d be sixteen out on my first navy camp loving the canoeing up river one pan cooking exploring the woods until came the night exercises I was good for hiding with guns flash bangs set off by hidden wires ambushes guerrilla warfare but when they left me at […]

07 Jun 19
A Broadsman

So. 21 & a wooden boat owner. That was… interesting. Most of my friends were perplexed when I started dropping out of the usual Friday or Saturday night pub trips… instead I would mutter about ‘the yard’ or somesuch before disappearing off. Work colleagues soon grew used to seeing my finger nails sporting either primer, […]

11 May 19
The great blog 5550

Every day, common individuals make extraordinary contributions by putting their needs aside to assist others in our community. Located on the lofty slopes of Haleakala, this rustic throwback to a bygone era uses a charming field trip far from the foreseeable beach trip. Coroner Dr. Louis Normandin stated given that the students' health club instructor, […]

05 May 19
Shack Stories

I have been in contact with my primary source, Georgia, who grew up in the shacks on Era Beach. While I have been inside another shack, I am yet to go in Georgia’s so I asked her to briefly describe any objects of historical or personal significance in the shack. She mentioned that inside her […]

05 Apr 19
The Online Grapevine

TODAY – APRIL 7, 2019 Head Usher: Peter Pequeno Side Usher: Jason Pflug Children’s Church Teachers: Skyler and Nicole Harrison WEEK AT A GLANCE Sun, Apr 7 9:45 am – Sunday School – Adult & Children 11:00 am –Worship/Children’s Church 4:00 pm – Crochet/Knit Group 5:30 pm – Beacons in Lighthouse Mon, Apr 8  8:15 […]

04 Apr 19
Working Title Blogspot

When the last thing you remember is something that feels like a bee sting on the side of your neck, and you open your eyes to see a skeleton sitting in a wing-backed chair, apparently reading what looks like a very dog-eared copy of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ by the light of a hissing Tilley […]

13 Mar 19
Macro Micro

When I get into a bit of a rut or a stuck pattern, when my life becomes a bit going-through-the-motions and I’m not really present or getting anywhere, there is this quality that the moments and environments I experience get; a sort of coating of dust, a sheen of same-ness, a blurring around the edges. […]

03 Mar 19

In the early 1800’s John Tilley invented a new kind of lamp that used a hydro-pneumatic pipe.

21 Feb 19
Chronicles of a Safari Kitchen

I was privileged to have spent my childhood on a remote cattle ranch in the Gwayi Valley in Zimbabwe. My earliest childhood memories were of sitting at my Oupa Neels feet , watching him patiently peeling fruit picked from their Orchards. We loved to go collecting fresh eggs in the lucerne patch and on hot […]

20 Feb 19

Hi! Did you miss me? I missed you! I recently had some medical stuff, but was told I’ll be fully recovered in about 4 months. After that, I’ll see you at Disneyland! As you can imagine, I’ve had a lot of time to watch movies (and Tidying Up on Netflix. Seriously, Marie Kondo is the […]