22 Apr 19
A Melomaniac's Journal

I have to be honest with you all, Arctic Monkeys’ Alex is not my favorite Alex, but…

27 Feb 19
Eliot Milling

Below is just a simple list of initial project ideas that I had whilst trying to figure out where to start the project. I finally settled on using substance abuse/mental illness and “Paradise” however the other concepts may feed into this and influence it.   Themes: Substance abuse/mental illness and “Paradise” Prevalence of mental illness […]

13 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

Michelin starred chef Michel Sarran in Season 10 of Top Chef. – Marie Etchegoyen / M6 Top chef returns Wednesday night on M6 for episode 2 of its tenth season. Michel Sarran, one of the four starred chefs who is a member of the Jury, looks back on what the show has brought him since […]

04 Jan 19

The Last Shadow Puppets eagerly anticipated bowl gig was here after the release of their stunning second album ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’, which gave us rollicking guitar licks and sensual songwriting all wrapped up in a little pretty package delivered personally by 2016’s version of Jackies poster boys. The gloomy Manchester weather was unable […]

07 Dec 18
Plenty Flavours

For this bread you need just few ingredients, raisins bread or old bread, vanilla custard cream, butter milk cream to transform in a classic delicious Christmas dessert. Decorated with edible flowers,fresh cranberries, to give extra touch,,,More from this recipe at

15 Nov 18
Imani Nikkol

Something about the way fuschia makes brown eyes pop had me feeling myself the other day while wearing this makeup. On a Monday. Judge me. Using a small bit of the NYX Face & Body Glitters on the center of the eye really made this gorgeous look pop. When using loose glitter products I’ve found […]

13 Nov 18

I’m back after what feels like forever, so I thought I’d begin with a classic which involves some of the music I’ve been listening to so far in November. I’ve found some new little gems as well as some classics that I forgot that I loved. How Good It Was – Courteeners (Live at Heaton […]

09 Oct 18
Farmacia Online Bodini

BIODERMA Atoderm SOS Spray Descrizione Atoderm SOS Spray nasce dall’identificazione di 2 mediatori del prurito presenti nella pelle atopica, nella pelle con psoriasi e più in generale in tutte le condizioni dermatologiche in cui si presenta il prurito: la linfopoietina timica stromale (TLSP) e il fattore di crescita nervoso (NGF). Atoderm SOS Spray ha un’azione […]

14 Sep 18

Whoever said “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” hasn’t tried the latest launch from Laura Mercier. Makeup artists have long sworn by the brand’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder, and now, they’re changing the game even further with a setting powder that promises to set down shine and set up radiance. Please welcome Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting […]

15 Apr 08

The Age of the Understatement is the debut album by The Last Shadow Puppets, featuring Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane of The Rascals and James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco.  “It’s an album that bounds out of the speakers, grabs you by the arm and starts yelling about the fantastic records it’s been listening to recently. Even if you heard those same records years ago, […]

02 Sep 18
No Sound Just Vision

I’ve thought about writing a blog for a while now, never really having the time or concentration to sit down and start something completely new. So I thought, going into the most important year of my life, with little to no time on my hands, let’s start NOW! Who are you? Good question! Well, I’m […]

01 Sep 18

ShrapnelChan (kiliofdurinsline)

sciencefictiondoes: so, uh, we’ve been into so many things that it came to a point I don’t even know what we like anymore 🤣. still, I wanted to make something for your birthday 🎈. happy birthday, @twelves 💝. 8 years of friendship leaves us speechless 😅. also, being mamas of two beautiful sons named Twelve […]

25 Aug 18
The Site That Jack Built

In that Netflix series Narcos, Poison is a pretty un-chill guy. He reminds me a little of the protagonist in the Sniper Elite series of games, just doing drug hits and about 30 years on, and younger and Colombian. Here’s my latest poetic adventure. I wrote it inspired by discovering King Krule, and trying to […]

17 Aug 18
Peanut Mixtape

A Coup de Grace, a final blow. Was this album the fatal hit to the critics who claim Miles Kane is only the sum of his collaborators? It would seem Kane failed to land the knockout punch. Despite having been one of the surviving figures of British indie since the golden age of the mid […]

02 Aug 18

(Originally posted 16/02/2017) The latest issue of Q Magazine contained a feature about debut albums that ‘changed everything’.