27 May 19
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1 Terminology 2 Safety & Handling THE FOUR BASIC SAFETY RULES GUN SAFETY AND CHILDREN CONDITION OF WEAPON RANGE COMMANDS System check Loading Unloading Clearing malfunctions SAFETY ONCA FANTASTIC TEACHING CD 3 Self-Defense & The Law WHEN & WHY TO SHOOT When to shoot Why to shoot YOU CANNOT SHOOT… to defend property when there […]

24 May 19

La fotografia panoramica. Horizont versus Horizon. Parte prima: la Horizont. Scritto, redatto e pubblicato da Gerardo Bonomo. La necessità di ottenere immagini panoramiche era già in uso nella pittura prima e nella litografia successivamente. nello specifico, riferendomi per esempio ai disegni panoramici qui sopra visualizzati ripresi da una guida per alpinisti, la possibilità di osservare […]

22 May 19
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Renowned chanson Willy Tokarev in intensive care. Capital physicians are fighting for his life. Willy Tokarev complained of well-being in one of the metropolitan clinics. After the examination, the doctors decided to hospitalize the artist. However, his condition has deteriorated sharply – doctors are fighting for the life of Tokarev, reports Telegram-channel Mash. It is […]

22 May 19
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Author photo: social networks known chanson went to intensive care. The famous singer turned to the doctors at the hospital in Moscow. After the investigation it was decided to place the artist urgently in the hospital. Allegedly the situation of Tokarev has deteriorated considerably. Now the singer is in intensive care. Doctors fight for the […]

22 May 19
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The famous Russian singer Willy Tokarev was brought to intensive care today after calling on doctors in Moscow, writes the Mash channel. According to the audience, the artist complained about discomfort. Soon the situation of Tokarev deteriorated sharply and the doctors decided to be hospitalized. So far, none of Willy Tokarev's family members or friends […]

13 May 19
Russia News Now

If you’ve already maxed out on the twin capitals, we suggest probing Russia’s depths and exploring its incredible nature and places where legendary saints lived and almighty battles were waged. 1. Suzdal Just a couple of hours’ drive from Moscow will plunge you headfirst into the atmosphere of old Russia. A world of small streets […]

12 May 19

H/T War History OnLine. I would like to get a Colt 1911 but the price tag is too hefty for my budget. The hobby of gun collecting has existed almost as long as guns have. Rulers acquired carefully crafted weapons, their visual beauty often more important than their functionality. In the modern era, both are […]

11 May 19

A blog post dedicated to the famous game between Nezhmetdinov and Tal from the 29th USSR Championship, with some background to the encounter and brief biographical details of Nezhmetdinov. This celebrated encounter has appeared in many publications over the years.  It was annotated shortly after the championship in Baku by Nezhmetdinov himself, for the magazine […]

08 May 19
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DWith the arrival of spring, tens of thousands of Russians are putting on a field uniform, taking metal detectors, spades and looking for traces of the battles of the Second World War hidden in the country. Both black and white diggers are united by the excitement that is awakened by the findings that have already […]

07 May 19
Russia News Now

Donate Click to see full-size image Ahead of the Moscow Victory Day Parade, the Russian Ministry of Defense released more historical records, this time to commemorate 75 years of the liberation of Sevastopol from the Nazi army. The article is called “Beacon of Victory.” In the final report of the combat operations of the troops […]