Tokyo Marui

22 Apr 19
Just Airsoft

#5 CYMA #4 G&G #3 Classic Army #2 Lancer Tactical #1 JG OK, I understand my list may be a little confusing in the top 3. But trust me on this one. I have had personal experience with these brands and have read literally countless reviews and watched numerous video reviews. Remember, this is for […]

22 Apr 19
Airsoft Tactical Research Group

The truth is that any work you carry out on your replicas has a degree of risk involved, from swapping out a hop rubber to a non-reversible job such as the one we’re about to walk through. All have their own potential dangers, some are as small as adding a few cosmetic scratches and some […]

19 Apr 19

Prime 1 Studio has released a small teaser for their upcoming Shazam! 1/3 scale statue. It is currently on display as well, at their Gallery Shop in Japan (if you are out that way). It appears that the statue will come with at least two portraits, one blowing a bubble, and one without. Check out […]

18 Apr 19
Airsoft Tactical Research Group

Sometimes the most inspirational stories are not of overwhelming victory, but simply of someone being snatched from the jaws of death itself… A Bridge Too Far, Saving Private Ryan, Tears Of The Sun, Blackhawk Down… The last stand of a few brave men is a tale as old as time, from the Spartan’s last stand […]

16 Apr 19

Vous êtes assez nombreux à me poser des questions techniques par mail auxquelles je me fais un plaisir de répondre. Afin d’en faire profiter un maximum de personnes, je publie ici les réponses à vos questions, ce qui vous permet d’obtenir des réponses complètes et organisées, fruit de mes connaissances. Si tu as une question […]

08 Apr 19

Akiko Higashimura‘s Tokyo Tarareba Girls manga opened an exhibit in the Yurakucho Marui department store on April 5 to celebrate the launch of the “season 2” manga in Kodansha‘s Kiss magazine on April 25. The exhibit has manga panels and drafts from Tokyo Tarareba Girls and photo spots, but one of the big draws is […]

06 Apr 19

Wisata Kuliner Jepang – Sushi atau sashimi memang menjadi salah satu hidangan kuliner Jepang yang paling banyak dicicipi oleh wisatawan asing, namun biasanya sebagian besar mengeluhkan bila porsi dari hidangan kuliner ini sangatlah sedikit dan harganya yang memang relatif mahal. Namun sebuah tempat makan yang terdapat di bagian timur Tokyo, tepatnya di daerah Ueno terdapat […]

31 Mar 19
The Reptile House

I’ve already blogged about the first instalment in HAO’s Economy Line – its $100 Geissele MK16 SMR replica. The company has now strongly indicated that it intends to release a widely compatible rail-only version of the UKSF L119A2 IUR. For those unfamiliar with the IUR (Integrated Upper Receiver), where have you been? The L119A2 – […]

29 Mar 19
Airsoft Tactical Research Group

Remember how much fun Airsoft was when you first started? Wasn’t it so much simpler when you had to make do with the gear you had rather than choosing from the mountain of gear you have accumulated over your playing career? Kind of like starting out in a game and all you’ve got are the […]

25 Mar 19
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Traveling from Japan To US with Airsoft Tips? Hi, I’m going to travel to Japan very soon and once there, I intend to buy some tokyo marui stuff. Anyone have any tips about traveling back into the states with airsoft guns? Also if anyone want anything, i could possibly buy it and sell it to […]

20 Mar 19

This year’s Case Closed movie, Fist of Blue Sapphire, is getting an extra boost of commerce thanks to Conan Stores opening for a limited time. The store will have two locations, in Tokyo and Osaka, and will stock memorabilia created for the long-running manga and anime series. Special focus will be placed on the upcoming film, which […]

19 Mar 19
Art of Family Travel

Endearing big eyed characters. Food almost too cute to eat. Adorable critter cafes. Tokyo for my daughter was all about the kawaii culture. Roughly translated to “cute” and “lovable”, kawaii is a relatively recent cultural expression in Japan. The rise of kawaii culture is largely attributed to a youth rebellion movement in the 1970s, in […]