17 Jun 19

I say “Schuco”, many of you European collectors know what I am talking about, as will many of the more hardcore collectors in the US. Schuco delves into several diecast scales, and does a damn good job at all of them. For our purposes, 1/64 is where to focus. And it is a good thing, […]

15 Jun 19
The Rusty Dragon

A quick note on Mattel’s growing toxic culture… Hi everyone – excuse me for writing to you at half past three in the morning (yes, it’s Friday!) but something grabbed my attention tonight and I feel it’s time to address it. I’ve been pretty heavily involved with Instagram the last few years and my experience […]

13 Jun 19

On the Season 3 premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, “Bow After Lockup,” Bow Wow is released after being arrested and charged with battery. R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea “Drea” Lee and their three children move back to Atlanta, where 20-year-old daughter Buku tries to launch her R&B singing career. Meanwhile, rapper Da Brat teams up with legendary hip hop […]

13 Jun 19

Head over to Japan Booster now, if you didn’t preorder, and grab yourself the latest Tomica Limited Vintage: TLV at Japan Booster The June Release is here, and runs the gamut of why we nerd out for TLV. Two Nissan GT-R, including a Police version, the Isuzu Elf vacuum car, and the Nissan Gloria Gran […]

07 Jun 19

On May 25, DAIYA Corporation launched new golf equipment in 2019 that adopted the design of “Tomica” for adults developed by Takara Tomy. There are three products: caddy bags, tote bags, and mini totes.

05 Jun 19

Here is another TLV from the collection that hopefully makes you smile. As a refresher, I am essentially grabbing TLV’s from my collection at random and showing them here, just to give those new to the brand an idea of what TLV is all about. Mainly TLV is about realism, quality, and true scale. No […]

02 Jun 19

New collection line in the books…

01 Jun 19
~Alix and Reina~

We had planned early morning visit, but I couldn’t get myself up. But it was, nevertheless, was good since there was no big crowd during these days. The front gate of the site. We walked to the north gate, and took a boat to return to 24 bridge. From there we took a shuttle bus […]

01 Jun 19

New Hatsune Miku LINE stickers from とみか@なまけもんP (Tomica@NamakemonP) are now available! What makes these stickers stand out is how Miku’s words are actually not in the standard Tokyo dialect, but instead are in various Hokkaido dialects. If this seems odd to you, then keep in mind that Miku’s creators, Crypton Future Media, are based in […]

30 May 19

I’m having too much fun just staring at my Tomica Limited Vintage wall display trying to figure out what models to shoot for this blog. The purpose is to jump a little deeper into TLV, flying right past the Ferraris, RX-7s, and 787b’s that have demanded so much attention. But I haven’t gotten that deep. […]