22 Feb 19
Wisdom Garage

Selamat Pagi Mini Car Antusias! Kembali lagi dengan rubrik #ThanksGodItsJDM! Hari ini saya mau membahas sebuah item dari Inno64 yang sebenarnya itu sangat bagus, namun sayang sekali….. Sesuai judul “Kok Begini? :/” itu hal yang saya terpikirkan pada saat temen kasih tau kalau barang yang saya titip sudah sampai (padahal itu juga nitipnya pas iseng […]

21 Feb 19
Adam Hutchins

Albuquerque police released the name of a 16-year-old girl who was found dead at the bottom of a arroyo in northeast Albuquerque earlier this month. APD spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said the death of Tomica Yellowhorse is being investigated as a homicide. He did not say how she died or give any other details. Officers found […]

19 Feb 19
Toy Box Garage

I liked watching shows like The Pickers. Barn Finds are totally cool and when you do chance by something special, it just feels great. To me, it isn’t so much the monetary value of the barn find. Sometimes it’s just about the hunt, or sometimes it’s just because you really wanted that particular item. One […]

18 Feb 19

U dramatičnoj završnici finala Kupa kralja Barselona je slavila protiv Real Madrida nakon produžetka rezultatom 94:93. Ipak, strasti u Španiji se nisu slegle. Naime, u oba tabora grme na arbiter. Barselona smatra da je oštećena jer nije dosuđen faul nad Singltonom pri rezultatom 92:90 za katalonski klub, a u narednom napadu je Kerol pogodio 2+1 […]

18 Feb 19

Model: Hot Wheels Ferrari 250 GTO Line: 2010 Hot Wheels Garage (Find it on ebay) Simply one of the prettiest models Hot Wheels has done. Probably because the 250 GTO is one fo the prettiest 1:1 cars ever made. You think Hot Wheels Ferrari and classics like the GTO don’t necessarily come to mind, but […]

17 Feb 19

Tomica hyper Green Ranger No. 3 Ranger trailer the first award with – Buy – Tomica hyper Green Ranger No. 3 Ranger trailer the first award with

15 Feb 19
The Amateur Engineer

Years ago, I played a game called Eye of the Beholder III – Assault on Myth Drannor, which was my first ever game involving the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) universe. I cannot remember who bought the game (was it my brother? Or did I borrow the 3.5″ diskette from my cousin?), but years later, the […]

15 Feb 19

Tomica Skyline Silhouette Formula Free Shipping at1397 – Buy – Tomica Skyline Silhouette Formula Free Shipping at1397

15 Feb 19
nuo2x2 toys

Repairman Toyota Will and Couple of Lego Minifigs you know those minifigs that Tomica produce to be paired with their die cast? kinda hard to find here in my country… then, I improvised by crossing the Minifigs from Lego to be paired with these die cast!! to recreate some diorama or cut scene, as in […]

15 Feb 19

Name: Tomica Nissan Fairlady Blue Price: IDR 175k Limited Stock : 5 Condition: Brand New Car Number: 09 Car Type: Tomica Premium

14 Feb 19

Lots of TLV news this week. Tomytec announced its June Release, highlighted by a new Nissan GT-R Police car and a new Nissan Gloria casting: View this post on Instagram June #tomicalimitedvintage Release from @tomytec_minicar looking fantastic. #thelamleygroup A post shared by Lamley Group (@thelamleygroup) on Feb 13, 2019 at 6:41am PST We are still […]

13 Feb 19
nuo2x2 toys

(from left to right) Mitsuoka ViewT, Mitsuoka Orochi, Mitsuoka Le Seyde Manufacturer : Tomica Mitsuoka!! my favourite Japanese cars manufacturer!! they really got some attitude, just look at those radicals car designs… and they don’t come cheap either I am a fan of this company especially since the first time I laid my eyes on […]