Tone Bell

20 Jul 19
Dwell Time

  MY VOICE   My voice isn’t worth anything It’s old… and it’s horse from shouting to be heard It’s not refined through schooling because it had to work to earn a living It’s coarse so no one listens and they miss how sweet it can be sometimes by accident as much a labour and […]

20 Jul 19

That time of year is again. Google has eliminated the betas for its latest, biggest, yet unnamed version of Android: Q. Your eagle Android Police editors have moved on to look for new features, changes, improvements and even shutdowns . We have listed everything we have found here, along with a brief description of the […]

20 Jul 19
Honest Amp Sim Reviews

NEW from the lovely partnership of STL Tones and Ignite Amps comes: LIBRA! The world’s first impulse response mixer that gives the user the power to visually mix up to EIGHT impulse responses at once. Not only that but this isn’t just a bells and whistles, empty promises type list of features, everything Ignite Amps […]