22 Jun 19

1924 Tootsietoy Salesman Samples (12) MIB Touring Cars Taxi Flivver Truck Coupe – Buy – 1924 Tootsietoy Salesman Samples (12) MIB Touring Cars Taxi Flivver Truck Coupe

10 Jun 19

No.4650 Tootsietoy Rare 1926 Biplane. – Buy – No.4650 Tootsietoy Rare 1926 Biplane.

10 May 19
Tourmaline .

Quite some time ago, I published this info on this site, but I’ve since reformatted for readability and published again. This post and my history of toy photography post will both be making their way into a whole new deep dive soon. I hope you’ll find it useful. Miniatures have taken the world by storm. […]

13 Dec 18

Attractive Decoy

abeautifulchaos1976: Tonka’s Go-Bots line had a lot of problems (a lot), but one of its major issues was Tonka licensing the brand name out to a ton of smaller companies, who slapped the logo on dozens of inferior “transforming” toys. Notice that at least ARCO had the sense to take the “Mighty Vehicles” part out […]

07 Oct 18
Mike Pigott's Diecast Toys & Models

  Howdy, Pardners! It’s time to join that two-timing, four-flushing, six shooting son of a gun Mike Pigott as he moseys out to the Wild West to look at this range of cowboy-themed models made by Corgi in the 1980s.   In 1981, Corgi released a number of Wild West themed diecast vehicles in the miniature […]

20 Sep 18
Four Foxes, One Hound

And I’ve Been Able to Keep a Lot More Than You’d Imagine By Jeff Salter I had to double-check the 4F1H schedule for this week, because I was 99% sure this topic had been proposed by ME. Nope, it was suggested by Tonette, the Friday Fox. Why did I automatically assume the topic had sprung […]

22 Apr 18
Diecast Car Collector

I have been collecting model cars for a long time but only recently have I found any models actually “Made in USA”. I have a lot of Hot Wheels; Mattel is an American company but those models I have are made in Hong Kong, China, Thailand  or Malaysia. It was a surprise to find a […]