19 Apr 19
Phil Holtan Woodturning

You’ve been there. You need to make a move, literally or figuratively, because of the people you love. And we did, really move, from the shop and house and lake in Perham to Eagan, just south of St. Paul in the Twin Cities. Our family is here, kids and grandkids, and the airport for the […]

25 Mar 19
Trade Chat

The Tormek T8 Water-Cooled Grinder/Sharpener is the most advanced water-cooled sharpening machine available. The Swedish-made system enables you to sharpen your tools to the finest of edges. The Tormek T-8 maximises precision thanks to the revolutionary fully-casted housing, which guarantees minimal play for the Universal support. Tormek’s unique drive system is efficient and manages to hold a constant speed, […]

09 Dec 18
Over the Wireless

Writing about sharpening has always felt pretty redundant to me, simply because everything that needs to be written about how to sharpen has already been written – read “The Perfect Edge” by Ron Hock, the “Sharpen This” series by Chris Schwarz, and then get back to making your nicely sharpened edge tools blunt again (that’s […]

13 Oct 18
Woodshed In The Stowe

I wanted a lathe that would allow me to progress into more complicated work and which would allow me to eventually work on larger pieces of wood. I wasn’t particularly interested in long spindle work; table legs, stair bannisters and baseball bats etc. But I did want something with enough grunt to turn a 12-15 […]

15 Aug 18
MVFlaim Furnituremaker

A couple of weekends ago, I went on the World’s Longest Yard Sale on US 127 looking for old tools and other things to sell. Sunday, I ran across a guy selling junk just north of Cincinnati and saw this plane on a table. The guy told me that his prices were negotiable so I […]

13 Jul 18

This knife jig is developed especially for long and flexible knives, e.g. filleting knives. Its broad clamping area, 140mm (5.1/2″), stabilises a thin blade but is also suitable to use for knives with longer blades, from 160mm (6.1/4″). Made especially for long and thin knives Gives support to long and thin blades Larger width, 140mm […]

13 Jul 18

A cluster of genuine diamonds is mounted in a holder and used to dress or open the grindstone when the stone becomes grooved or glazed. It takes only a few seconds to set up and can really improve the performance of the wheel. Dual knob screw permits an easily controlled feed across the stone for […]

02 May 18
Jende Industries Blog

We recently started offering Spyderco Medium, Fine and Ultra Fine stone in 1×4″ and 1×6″ custom sizes for various sharpening systems. That is nothing major by itself, but it spurred a friendly challenge because historically, it was said that he Fine and UF were the same stone, only finished differently. I am of the mind […]

23 Apr 18
The Dutch Luthier

Last Saturday I attended the “demo-day” at Baptist Toolshop in Arnhem. They invited three other woodworkers and toolmakers like Tormek, Record Power and Mafell to show their goods and innovations… My neighbour was bowyer Simon van der Heijden, who makes long-and horsebows in various woods and materials… My other neighbor was graphic artist Titia Sibson, […]

26 Mar 18
Sound Books

This $7 plastic sharpening tool has the cheap feel of a “as advertised on TV” item. But it does work and is super quick and easy to use. It holds a carbide V that sharpens knives and scissors when you run the blade through it. The groove keeps the blade pretty steadily angled. There are […]

19 Mar 18
Eleanor Owens

I’ve always had a fascination with wood, grain and trees; it’s exciting to combine it all by carving. I began studying this craft 2017 to use up wood that I was removing from garden clearances (with permission). I’ve been using different resources to expand my carving knowledge. A few of my favourite carvers for tips/tricks/instruction […]

04 Jan 18

TORMEK-TOR-T8 T8 Sharpening Machine – Buy – TORMEK-TOR-T8 T8 Sharpening Machine