21 Jan 19
Green Mama Bee

It’s probably a bit late in the month to be posting about this but since it has been such a monumental fail… I thought I would share it with you. As you all know, with Christmas being in December, it can become a very expensive time of the year and if you’re not careful, your […]

11 Jan 19
Grow Up Green

These are Totsbots Easyfit stars, but in old style prints! As a result you grab a bargain, but get the same great quality. Win/win!   Absorbent bamboo core Stay dry buffer zones to keep liquid locked into core Clever stitch free seams – no leaks Waterproof tummy area Oekotex certified Hook and look fastening One […]

22 Nov 18
Return to the Simple Planet

Totsbots Peenut and Bamboozles A couple of weeks ago in my post about cloth nappies, I mentioned that we use the Totsbots Peenut and Bamboozle nappies. I promised you a review of them so here we are. Now when I purchased our nappies Totsbots did a Birth to Potty kit which came with:

08 Nov 18
Return to the Simple Planet

We all know tiny humans come with a lot of stuff… and much of this stuff is plastic and disposable. This often means wasteful and bad for the environment. So how can we reduce our new bundle of joy’s rapidly growing environmental impact? Personally I think the main way is by using cloth nappies (diapers). […]

07 Nov 18
Rachel Maria's Textile Design blog

Other competing companies in the baby reusable nappy market: Blueberry Blueberry is an American company that also sell reusable nappies.   TotsBots – strong Possible threat to my chosen company as brings more strong competitive competition. TotsBots started off as a family business run by Magnus and Fiona Smyth, who are still to […]

20 Sep 18
Columns by Kari

Vandaag is Alela 2 maanden oud! De tijd is voorbij gevlogen en hoewel ik volop heb genoten van de afgelopen maanden, wil ik de tijd af en toe ook stil zetten. Het gaat zo snel!! Niet te geloven. Twee maanden Alela betekent ook twee maanden wasbare luiers. In deze blog geef ik een update: hoe […]

23 Jul 18
My Broken Reason

Well Spencer turned one this weekend and the cottage we booked for the week had a system glitch and lose our reservation, yea I know! But we thought let’s practice vanlife now. So we rented a camper from Quirky Campers. Percy owned by a very nice family in Devon who just happen to also converted […]

19 Jul 18

Cloth Nappies ‘On The Road’ and what small changes with huge impact you can make if you don’t use cloth nappies…   I confess, I am on a train and have a load of both clean and dirty nappies in my suitcase. The dirty ones are zipped up in a wet bag (TotsBots from the […]

16 Jul 18

Vores stofble-projekt er sådan set blevet på fuldtid med forskellige justeringer undervejs. Vi har kigget på vores behov, både ud fra hverdag, overskud, vores søn mv. og kommet frem til at Imagine aio og GroVia aio er den model vi gerne vil have, herhjemme. Begge to er valgt med trykknapper (GroVia fås kun med trykknapper […]

19 Jun 18
Columns by Kari

We zijn eruit, we gaan het gewoon doen! Na enig online onderzoek, een aantal gesprekken met mijn vrouw en een consult, besloten we: we gaan wasbare luiers gebruiken! Mijn grootste overwegingen waren de belasting voor het milieu en de chemische stoffen in wegwerpluiers. Mijn vrouw was vooral de kosten van wegwerpluiers en het doorlekken, van […]