21 Feb 19
nuo2x2 toys

The King of the Dead Manufacturer: ToyBiz Origin: Lord of the Ring the Dead man of Dunharrow… the cursed warriors who abandoned their oath to aid Isildur to fight Darklord Sauron remember those green dudes in the third sequel of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy? they hide in a cave within a forest and […]

18 Feb 19

There’s no doubt about it Hasbro showed off a lot of new Marvel Legends at Toy Fair 2019 and it’s a great mix of comic book and movie figures. To make it easier for myself and for my readers I have split it into two parts. The first was on the MCU figures and the […]

15 Feb 19

Wolverine Battle Action Figure X-Men Toybiz Use in Japan at2204 – Buy – Wolverine Battle Action Figure X-Men Toybiz Use in Japan at2204

15 Feb 19
nuo2x2 toys

Hulkbuster Ironman Manufacturer: Toybiz Marvel Legend series XI (Legendary Rider) Origin: Marvel Tony had to build this bulky armor in order to handle a raging green dude, the HULK!! the suit already introduced in some of the comic series and also within a video game’s story line,it got a lot of minor differences among the […]

14 Feb 19

Of all the Resident Evil characters, my favourite will always be Jill Valentine. However, given the opportunity to tell the story of any character in the Resident Evil franchise, I would without a doubt choose Sherry Birkin. And this is in spite of the fact that I haven’t known Sherry for very long. I only […]

13 Feb 19

Just Added on the eBay store: SHOP -Spawn 1 cgc 9.4 -Unnatural 5 nude variant cgc 9.8 -marvel super heroes 12 1st appearance captain marvel, ron-yogg, una cgc 4.5 plus 1990’s toybiz marvel action figures and more collectible comic books and variants Enjoy ! plus more items on sale on the instagram: @SHOPTHECOMIC

11 Feb 19
Minding Your Business

In the last decade, Marvel Studios has risen up the box office charts, asserted itself as a household name and cement its place as a box office mammoth, accounting for 13% of Hollywood’s total box office revenue since 2008. The studio’s dominance at the box office is due to the sheer scope and popularity of […]

07 Feb 19

Breaking News Collectors ! NEW ADDITIONS have been made to my eBay store click to shop now: SHOP HERE -TOYBIZ Spiderman and XMEN action figures from the 1990’s -Comic Books and Collectibles ENJOY ! @SHOPTHECOMIC

29 Jan 19

Here is an incredible 1990s TOYBIZ MARVEL ACTION FIGURES SALE on my EBAy STORE PAGE ! click to shop: CLICK THE SHOP HERE Tons of original in package sealed 1990s toybiz marvel retro collectible action figure toys now on sale on my eBay store ! click link above to shop now ! plus comic books […]

28 Jan 19

Okay, as you all know by now, as a passionate action figure collector, my primary focus is getting MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS figures. Last year, I was really fortunate to get hold of MOTUC figures based on characters I cherished as a child, such as Tri-Klops and Mekaneck. The Masters of the Universe mythology […]

21 Jan 19
David R. Deitrick, Designer

Sculptors are the bikers of the art world :  brash, strong-willed and you’ll rarely find one that will concede anything to another artist…which makes this post a bit  unusual. I recently commissioned a custom action figure from Jay Sabich at 37 Custom Toys and I have to tell you he does Grade-A work and I […]

21 Jan 19
FigureFan Zero

Well, after a whole week of Marvel Legends reviews it’s refreshing to start a new week and get into something diff… oh, riiiiight… It’s Marvel Monday. Well, hopefully everyone isn’t all Marvel’ed out, because apparently we have one more day of this! Today I’m mixing things up just a tad and opening a couple of […]

19 Jan 19
It's A Stampede!

Last Saturday, you may recall that I geeked out – spending the day conversing and immersing myself in geek things (toys, movies etc). This Saturday has been more of the same. Between episodes of Baywatch and What’s Up Doc? (see my previous post for details), I also found time to go on a toy hunt […]

02 Jan 19
The Collectors Guide to the Galaxy

So, this is technically my first post! In this post, I’m going to explain why I chose to start the blog, what customs I currently have in the works and finally, a list of all the customs I currently have planned for the new year!   WHY DID I START THE BLOG?    I decided […]

25 Dec 18
Sound Books

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