26 Apr 19

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17 Apr 19
We Minored in Film

Three of pop culture’s biggest pillars – Game of Thrones, Star Wars & Marvel- will say a partial goodbye in 2019. I’ve already looked at what might come next in Hollywood’s desperate search for the next Game of Thrones. I’m cautiously optimistic about Kathleen Kennedy’s purported 10-year Star Wars strategy. Marvel is in the best […]

17 Apr 19
This Place Has Gone Bananas!

It’s no secret that Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler and one of my favorite figures of his is WCW Ring Masters. This line of figures from ToyBiz portray wrestlers in different gimmicks that fit with their character. Such as Bill Goldberg dressed as a construction worker because he uses the jackhammer finisher, Hollywood Hogan […]

15 Apr 19

I haven’t been lucky enough to get these guys early myself but my friend Brock of Life With Brock has. He purchased four of that waves figures so far and has done an extensive comparison reviews with the Toybiz original figures. Let’s let’s start you off with Beast. Next up is Gambit. And finally, Jubilee […]

11 Apr 19

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22 Mar 19
Elite Collectors Network

Last month, we shared news on a new line of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Action Figures that were announced by Incendium. Today they have announced an all-new license. They will be producing new Heavy Metal 5″ Scale Action Figures. The new figures are based on the cult classic Heavy Metal animated film from 1981. […]

09 Mar 19
Yoda Archives, Macro adventures of a Jedi Master

Last fall I bought a 1990’s ToyBiz Sauron figure at a comic convention. It was a cool figure, and I thought it would be great for photography. The guy at the booth said they were coming about with a Sauron Build A Figure series. How many times have a bought a loose figure only to […]

26 Feb 19

Comic books and superheroes are the modern day fairy tales and as such should be celebrated as the cornerstones of today’s popular culture. This year marks the 80th Anniversary of Marvel Comics, one of the largest publishers in the industry, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! The team at Hasbro seems to be […]

21 Feb 19
nuo2x2 toys

The King of the Dead Manufacturer: ToyBiz Origin: Lord of the Ring the Dead man of Dunharrow… the cursed warriors who abandoned their oath to aid Isildur to fight Darklord Sauron remember those green dudes in the third sequel of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy? they hide in a cave within a forest and […]

18 Feb 19

There’s no doubt about it Hasbro showed off a lot of new Marvel Legends at Toy Fair 2019 and it’s a great mix of comic book and movie figures. To make it easier for myself and for my readers I have split it into two parts. The first was on the MCU figures and the […]

15 Feb 19
nuo2x2 toys

Hulkbuster Ironman Manufacturer: Toybiz Marvel Legend series XI (Legendary Rider) Origin: Marvel Tony had to build this bulky armor in order to handle a raging green dude, the HULK!! the suit already introduced in some of the comic series and also within a video game’s story line,it got a lot of minor differences among the […]

14 Feb 19

Of all the Resident Evil characters, my favourite will always be Jill Valentine. However, given the opportunity to tell the story of any character in the Resident Evil franchise, I would without a doubt choose Sherry Birkin. And this is in spite of the fact that I haven’t known Sherry for very long. I only […]

13 Feb 19

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