25 Jun 19

FF: Eric Crane, Christina, William Kurt & Tracy Thomas IUFB #1: Touchscreen laptops (J in Clam) ERIC: 1100/CHRISTINA: 1600/WILLIAM: 850/TRACY: 1K As each laptop was $999 Christina played Cover Up for the Chevrolet Trax LT (Std., Conv., Etch). (-)(-)(-)(-)(3) (-)(-)(-)(9)(8) (-)(-)(1)(5)(2) (-)(4)(7)(3)(0) (2)(8)(3)(2)(9) (3)(7)(9)(8)(6) BT: Hanukkah CBP: $19,875 M-O (G: $24,750 & $24,759) 5. Lisa […]

16 Jun 19
Pound the Rock Investing

Nautilus is a fitness equipment manufacturer. The company makes consumer fitness products such as cardio and strength equipment, and owns some of the most recognizable fitness brand names in the industry, including Bowflex, Schwinn and Universal. Nautilus operates in two segments,┬ádirect to consumer and retail. Each segment has a separate distribution channel, with direct to […]

29 Apr 19
The Cozy Homestead

So, over the course of several months, we’ve transformed the dirty, dusty, poorly lit back of our basement into a warm, white, clean shell with a nice TV. But it isn’t a workout room yet. There is still a cold concrete floor, and Kate has requested a few other niceties be added. So, one with […]

19 Apr 19

FF: Tyler Kern, Carol Johnson, Vincett Thomas & Suzanne Sciambia IUFB #1: Canon 24.2mp + bag (J) TYLER: 1100/CAROL: 1250/VINCETT: 1380/SUZANNE: 1 Total ARP: $829 so Suzanne could take photos at the V SAMANA (incl. half-day whale-watching excursion)(#4) by winning FF. PP: 1096, 2152, 3510, 4735, 5247, 6384, 8421 & 9663 F: 6384 5. Brooklyn […]

19 Apr 19

Deal #1: Lanette: SB- Apple iPhone Xs & iPad Pro Carl: $1K (#3)- SAMSUNG kitchen incl. Great American Cookies & Marble Slab Creamery stuff Jennifer: Chocolate egg- ZURTLE (#2: Trip to Fiesta Americana + Genius Pack luggage) Danielle’s Song Battle FD D: #1 (J)- Rusty Model T (BB: Office + $2K) Deborah’s FD D: #2- […]

09 Mar 19
Mama does Keto

Wow! If you would tell me that I would loose 20lbs in just over 2 months….. I don’t think I would have believed you. I’m in shock! I am loving this! I feel great, people are noticing my loss and my clothes are feeling loose. Heading out on a work trip to Hawaii in a […]

06 Mar 19

FF: Tracy Handcox, Solomon Abrams, John Yerkes & Amy Rapp IUFB #1: Apple watches (J) TRACY: 925/SOLOMON: 875/JOHN: 927/AMY: 998 Amy wins the $1,028 watches & walks the GR. Beginning w/ the jar of Beech-Nut Classics beef & beef broth she can win a Street Hopper pkg. (M), the SEA-DOO 2up + anchor pkg. &/or […]

05 Mar 19
Creating a Life

In addition to being blink and you miss it, the month of February was kind of ‘meh’ for me. I haven’t felt great mentally, mostly due to work. I fell off my daily yoga routine and basically just holed up, only feeling good when talking to or spending time with my parents and my boyfriend. […]

27 Feb 19
Mama does Keto

Hi friends, So I’m solo parenting this week, hubby is out of town so I am trying to be the super mom that I can be. Work (still peak season), school pick up and drop off (at the correct time), feed both kid and myself (keto for me, Gluten Free for her), and I have […]

26 Feb 19

Couple: Donald & Leslie Rejected 1st: M-C (uses gas)- BULL BBQ & Adriondack chairs Rejected 2nd: #1- Trip to Hotel Aria Given up last: BB– Pink conv. filled w/ blue balls #2 (uses electricity)- Home theater TTD: Brittany C: Nissan Versa Note #1: 2/2 #2: 1/5 #3: 4/3 #4: 2/5 FR: 1/5 Good/Bad News Deal: […]

16 Feb 19
Mama does Keto

Hi friends, sorry about the delay in getting a new blog posted. I have been working hard for the last 4 days on this egg fast, and I did it! Like legit… 6+ eggs a day for 4 days straight, and it was worth it! Down 4.4lbs in one week! Tada!!! I DID IT!! (Although […]