13 Dec 18
The Black Book of Home Styler

Moрѕ broom holder аnd broomѕ are a muѕt in any housеhold aѕ thеу help to kееp all manner of floors clеan–from flagstones to hаrdwооd аnd еvеn cеmеnt. However, whеn not in use, thеy can tаke uр room. And, іn the cаse оf brооmѕ, havіng them sit on their bristles means thаt the brіstles deform, mаkіng […]

05 Dec 18
Rachel K Robinson

Marketing products or services has been around for decades, but this new generation of social media stars and influencers has changed the game completely. In 2018, “normal/ordinary” people across the world can gain traction on social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube by uploading their original content. These individuals who collect a […]

30 Nov 18

Dating is no less than a marathon in today’s day and generation. Wait, you can train for a marathon and wing it. We can’t train for dating, or can we? Chalo, let’s just address the elephant in the room; dating Apps. Can you believe that we now indulge in literal forms of Speed Dating! According […]

27 Nov 18
Seungwoo Hong geometry blog

The LAW OF SINES is a powerful triangle tool which is used to find missing sides or angles of any triangl. By matching up angles with their opposite sidesz. The equation is: sinA/a = sin B/b = sin C/c. The law of sine used on Non-Right Triangle. Lower case letters are sides and Upper case […]