07 Dec 18
Young Redskin Writers

In my own way, this feels like living. It’s as natural as dogs look for food. Like how hero fits in heroin. Am I even me when I read this piece to you? Look into the mirror and see your reflection.  Your colorful mind is on automatic set to see just blue. 10 minutes light […]

05 Dec 18

I’ve always been drawn to stones – even as a child on school trips I’d buy pieces of quartz in gift shops. Theres something intensely spiritual about holding a piece of rock in your hand that is millions of years old. I was asked by

27 Nov 18
Are You day Trippen?

With 3,427 miles of sandy beaches, it is not a wonder why California consistently remains a top tourist destination in the United States. The cool ocean breeze, the soothing sound of the water crashing on the shore, the sand between your toes, just writing about it makes me want to grab my beach bag and […]

21 Nov 18
Gonzo (circus) | Muziek.Kunst.Meer.

Trippen met power trio Kawabata Makoto, Guy Segers en Charles Hayward.

18 Nov 18
Are You day Trippen?

The Broad in Los Angeles is a free (that’s right FREE) art museum located in the heart of the city, adjacent to the Music Center. I traveled to the museum for a school project, but was so amazed by the beauty and playfulness of the art exhibits that I had to share this as a […]

17 Nov 18

So, you are probably reading this because you’re nosy, genuinely concerned, caring, or all three (: It’s coo i ain’t trippen. you should not read my blogs if you are looking for something inspiring and cute. The thing is, I think there is often an expectation that cancer narratives are to be uplifting, super optimistic, […]

02 Nov 18


adsanika: deadlydoodles: scribblehooves: Witches be trippen’!!!!! Sorry, No Sorry

31 Oct 18

Dent's backup for hellpocalypse

adsanika: deadlydoodles: scribblehooves: Witches be trippen’!!!!! Sorry, No Sorry

28 Oct 18
Are You day Trippen?

Four breathtaking buildings line Grand Ave. in Los Angeles. With distinct architectural elements, these buildings are masterpieces on their own accord that embody the culture of the city. Together they comprise The Music Center, 11-acres of space that offers Angelinos an abundance of ways to celebrate life through the arts. Whether it be through a […]

28 Oct 18

Ninjawannabe96's Blog

adsanika: deadlydoodles: scribblehooves: Witches be trippen’!!!!! Sorry, No Sorry

21 Oct 18

  How does a team get to be in pro-league you might wonder? First, they have to qualify for it through Challenger League and make it to the top 2 standings, then when the season is over the first-place challenger league team will take the place of the last placed Pro League team, while the 7th place pro league team and the 2nd placed challenger league team will fight it out on a […]

17 Oct 18
Three Girls Travel

Pawhuska, Oklahoma…You may ask – Why would you go there??  To see “The Pioneer Woman” of Course! Our trip to Oklahoma started with a BANG…literally!  As we waited on Deb to finish up at work we noticed the sky was looking anything but friendly.  The thunder and lightning were putting on quite a show […]

06 Oct 18
Are You day Trippen?

“Are You day Trippen” reached it’s first milestone today by hitting 500 views. I want to thank you all for your support and hope you are enjoying the content. We have some really exciting posts coming up in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. If you know somewhere amazing in Southern California that you think […]

05 Oct 18
Are You day Trippen?

It’s October and you know what that means? That’s right! It’s time for Southern Californians to unpack those sweaters and scarves, and celebrate all things fall. Whether it be a day trip to the pumpkin patch or Oktoberfest, there are plenty of events to get you in Autumn spirit. Interested in day-tripping the spookier side of […]