08 Jan 19

The Internet had a lot of questions about the rapper’s stage attire

13 Nov 18
Balcony Life Blog

Lil Wayne has another mixtape that snuck it’s way onto the scene after the incredible hype and letdown of Tha Carter 5. He should have made this project the album because this one was a lot better than that piece of trash album he gave us. I think he is more lyrically on point on this […]

28 Oct 18
Pieces Of K Blog

  I’m suffering from deep thoughts So much getting under my skin Money makes your peers look thin So much shit going on got me feeling like this the end How can I defend Dying seems to be the trend How can I win Just hit the big 2-0 And I be damn if I […]

05 Oct 18
Balcony Life Blog

What a disappointment with this one. This album is an incredible letdown. Lil Wayne is such a dope artist and is capable of making awesome works of art (see other Carter albums). But this 5th installment that we all have been waiting so long for, well, you might as well just skip over this one. […]

21 Sep 18

Ogden Payne In the past nine months, Jay Z and Beyonce, J. Cole, Drake, Cardi B, Kanye West, Nas and Nicki Minaj have each graced fans with a plethora of music to sift through. But listeners, streaming services and Billboard charts may also need to make room for an album from the self-proclaimed “greatest rapper […]

14 Sep 18
The NOLA Chic Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood has in recent years become the center of the city’s ballooning arts scene, known as much for its galleries and museums as the murals and graffiti that decorate its buildings. But traces of its industrial past still lurk along the edges, with warehouses lining deserted streets and tall chain-link fences dividing […]

05 Jul 18
Welcome to "The VIPP Report"

  CHECKING IN TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON SINCE PERFORMING AT DERBY SOUNDSTAGE 2018 Video:  Derby Soundstage 2018 in Louisville, KY   Special post by Sherlene Shanklin, WHAS11 Television, an ABC affiliate, Louisville It’s time to check in and see how the artists are doing that performed at this year’s Derby Soundstage 2018 […]

11 Jun 18

  As I slid open the prestigious transparent glassdoor, I headed for the bus station trying to suppress the lament flaring inside my heart. Not even the breathtaking view of the multimillion-dollar glass fortress eased my nerves. The gardeners upkeeping the array of vibrant ruby roses and robust sapphire iris waved as I passed by […]

20 Apr 18

A selection of the best shopping lists on the web for 4/20/2018

20 Apr 18

A selection of the best shopping lists on the web for 4/20/2018

20 Apr 18

A selection of the best shopping lists on the web for 4/20/2018

18 Apr 18
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