Tsumori Chisato

09 Feb 19
The Dolly Insider

Checkout CWC’s latest exclusive! Her name is Neo Blythe Tsumori Spirit Dazzling Blythe Together At Last. This girl is a collaboration between Neo Blythe and the fashion designer/brand TSUMORI CHISATO. You can expect to see this fashionista walking down the streets in April 2019. On Feb 7, 2019 Junie Moon Blog stated that 3 of […]

28 Jan 19
Muy Marcottage

Ponchos are a good example of the Ockham’s Razor Theory that the easiest solution is the best. Instead of being excessively complicated, sometimes ideas need to be pruned and the excess trimmed. That’s why the razor. A poncho is little more than a rectangular shaped cloth with a hole in the middle. And, because of its simplicity […]

25 Jan 19
Conversations we could've had...

If Eloise stayed in Paris all her life, I imagine that her wardrobe would be full of Tsumori Chisato’s latest Pre-fall collection for the 2019/20 season. And she’d probably look like the model (down to the crown), but that’s aside from the point. Every piece fits perfectly into the picture the designer has painted of […]

27 Nov 18
MIFT R and D

World biggest economy (PPP) in 2018 You will be surprised by the amount of technology going into the fashion industry in cities which were never a fashion capital in history. This trend will continue and you will hear a lot about Fashion Technology due to shift in power, geopolitics and PPP (purchasing power). Future of […]

24 Nov 18

Tsumori Chisato Responsible waist bag from japan (2495 – Buy – Tsumori Chisato Responsible waist bag from japan (2495

31 Oct 18


kimono-daisuki: Since I was all made up for a wedding earlier this afternoon, I decided to squeeze in some kitsuke practice! I was actually trying out a new heat-managing idea for undies (Uniqlo Airism tank top + susoyoke) but I think maybe it would be better to stick to a slip when wearing light colours, […]

07 Oct 18
The Global Fashion Files

Hello, and welcome to the fourth week of The Global Fashion Files! This week, we will take a look at the past, present, and future of women’s fashion in Japan. The history of fashion in Japan is a breathtaking combination of tradition and modernity. From traditional kimonos to deconstructed avant-garde garments to colorful street styles, […]

05 Oct 18
HD Movies 24x7

HD Movies 24×7 : Watch FREE (And Legal) All Kind of Movies, TV Shows & Songs TSUMORI CHISATO Spring Summer 2013 Paris – Fashion Channel TSUMORI CHISATO Spring Summer 2013 Paris – Fashion Channel YOUTUBE CHANNEL: WEB TV: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: INSTAGRAM: The best videos, the most exclusive moments of the international runway since 1982 […]

25 Sep 18

The mix ‘n’ match patchwork theme that we saw at Tsumori Chisato continues this autumn at Dior…

08 Sep 18

Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015Shopping Guide to Shanghai I used to work in Shanghai and created a shopping guide while I was there. This was partly inspired by MFA’s city guides: NYC, Paris. Here is my original post on FFA (from my old account).Please note that I no longer live in Asia, so some of […]

04 Sep 18

Hi all, I know its been sometime since I wrote something. I was at the very well known G 12 Asia Conference as a devout Christian about a couple weeks ago and I also was preparing a lot for my masters degree entrance essays! Wish me luck on this!! I already have one conditional offer […]