17 Apr 19
Tubertini Tech

The world today is constantly evolving around technology. Imagine a day without the current technology we have. Many people forget about the days before technology were everything was paper and pen. With the evolution of technology rising, most companies are following the times. This includes grocery stores, mechanics, and more importantly, banks. Banks have made […]

15 Apr 19
26 Year ITCH

First outing this year to a venue which, essentially, I only visit in the Close Season. Sloth mode continues, I managed to drag myself out of bed by the crack of 10am on this Monday morning, but at least I got up!! Sunday was basically a write-off. Damn I can sleep when I want to, […]

05 Apr 19

MILAN, le 5 avril 2019 /PRNewswire/ — OlonS.p.A., fournisseur de médicaments génériques et entreprise dédiée à la fabrication et au développement en sous-traitance (CDMO) de substances actives pharmaceutiques (API) de premier plan mondial, annonce aujourd’hui avoir finalisé l’acquisition de l’usine de production de Mahad, en Inde.   Après une période de transition intensive qui a débuté le 4 septembre, Olon India […]

28 Mar 19
Tubertini Tech

Google, an American technology company, is receiving negative publicity. The issue at hand is the company’s plans for AI innovation in China. Google established an AI lab in China in 2017. It has been a problem since its inception. The Pentagon, who is also a potential buyer, is uneasy with the research being conducted in […]

20 Mar 19
Tubertini Tech

US tech giants in Europe might reconsider moving business across the pond. Many people believe that companies like Google are becoming too large and are cornering the market. It’s not illegal to be successful in Europe, but the problem lies in how the company is achieving such historic success. For two decades, the European Union […]

18 Mar 19
Tubertini Tech

OneWeb, a space startup company, has began to expand their technology to space. The company has raised 1.25 billion dollars , which brings its total investment to 3.4 billion. The company has already put six satellites into space and plan to send thirty more each month. The companies plan is to create a constellation of […]

17 Mar 19
RANDOM Volley 🏐

Trentino too strong for Modena, Perugia keep the top position beating Sora in four sets and victory also for Verona against Latina with the same result. No problem for Lube against Castellana, while Milano and Padova win at tie break on the road respectively against Vibo Valentia and Ravenna. So, in the big match of […]

11 Mar 19
RANDOM Volley 🏐

Modena survive in Siena, Trentino with a straight set win against Ravenna. Victory in straight sets also for Verona against Vibo Valentia, while Monza beat Castellana in four sets. Great battle between Sora and Latina: the guests win at tie break! So, Modena have barely managed to outplay Siena away. Ivan Zaytsev had a great […]

08 Mar 19

Ultimi scampoli di SuperLega Credem Banca 2018/2019 al PalaCoccia di Veroli, ma per la penultima gara casalinga vivrà l’accesissimo derby laziale. Domenica alle ore 18 la Globo Banca Popolare del Frusinate Sora ospiterà infatti la Top Volley Latina, e a rendere più appassionante l’incontro non solo l’appartenenza geografica, ma anche e soprattutto la classifica. C’è […]

04 Mar 19
RANDOM Volley 🏐

Modena-Monza clash was in the spotlight in the 23rd round of the Italian Superlega! Perugia, Civitanova and Trentino have scored the victories respectively against Ravenna, Latina and Milano. Padova destroyed Verona at the home court, while Sora away won in four sets against Vibo Valentia. In details, Modena suffered another defeat in Superlega, which may […]

28 Feb 19
Tubertini Tech

The popular music app TikTok is in trouble for violating privacy laws. This is nothing new in the technology era, but it is still unsettling. The company that owns the app,, was fined a record-breaking fine of 5.7 million dollars. The company made an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission that will effectively resolve […]

24 Feb 19
RANDOM Volley 🏐

First victory for Castellana in Superlega: they defeated Latina at tie break. Modena wins 3:1 against Vibo Valentia, while Sora wins away against Ravenna with the same result. Perugia destroyed Monza in straight sets, like Milano away against Verona. Civitanova needs 4 sets to win against Siena. So, Perugia have scored the 19th victory in […]

21 Feb 19
Tubertini Tech

The new online battle royal game Fornite has taken the gaming community by storm. The total number of players totals over 125 million and has generated over 2 billion dollars in revenue. The company Epic seem to has a lock on the gaming community and do not plan on going anywhere soon. The company is […]

18 Feb 19
RANDOM Volley 🏐

Great victory at tie break for Ravenna away against Latina, easy job for Perugia against Castellana Grotte, while Monza and Padova won also in straight sets respectively against Sora and Vibo Valentia. Lube smash Modena again in the big match of the round. Modena were powerless against Civitanova and had to surrender only after three […]