16 Jun 19

I ran across this old bike trailer the other day. It needs some work, for sure. But it is light and sturdy, a fine bit of design. It calls to mind the Cycle Tote trailer, although that was based on 27″ wheels, and a good bit heavier and bigger. It also attached at the seat […]

28 May 19
Rolling On My Own Two Wheels

Don’t dismay! The title this week doesn’t mean I’m shutting down and closing up shop. There’s a different good-bye involved. As readers of moderate time know, one of my bikes, Trixie Blix the e-bike, didn’t get a whole lot of use. Not because she isn’t a good bike, but I’m just more comfortable riding Shirley […]

28 Apr 19
Rolling On My Own Two Wheels

OK Not a whole lot to report. As I said on the 24th, I am working on figuring out some symptoms and/or side effects. However, on each of the three days being reported on, Eunice Univega and I did jump out and cruise the dips and drops in the field and woods around the house. […]

23 Apr 19
Rolling On My Own Two Wheels

Just a quick roll through the woods with Eunice Univega. Nothing fancy, just to get on the bike for the challenge. Roll on!

16 Apr 19
Rolling On My Own Two Wheels

I won’t bore you with the particulars. Suffice it to say, it was nonstop full-tilt bozo around here today. Seems like every client I haven’t heard from in months decided this was the day to need me. As the day ended and I began getting ready for bed, a thought flashed into my head: I HAVEN’T […]

11 Apr 19
Rolling On My Own Two Wheels

Another busy day. Worked this morning putting out client fires, the The Pedal Factory from noon to 4. Before my TPF stint, though, I took Eunice Univega into town with me to run a short errand from the shop. That was my time on the bike. While at TPF, we discussed where we hope to […]

10 Apr 19
Rolling On My Own Two Wheels

Yesterday was sure a busy one! Clients, dogs, stuff around home. At around 5:30pm, I realized I hadn’t spent any bike time! I quickly rolled Eunice Univega out the front door, hopped on and took a spin through the woods. Not much, but it counts. Gotta do better time management to get some longer rides […]

07 Apr 19

The Univega will soon get a new set of changes. It will have the front rack, the brake handles from the Trek 600, and maybe a change in shifters, as well as a rear rack. I’m making these changes to make it my all around commuter and tourer. It is light, it has double butted […]

01 Apr 19
Rolling On My Own Two Wheels

Day one of #30DaysOfBiking is in the books. It was a chilly (32*) start to the day, but I rode in the woods around the house. About 20 minutes, but it counts! I guess I should introduce you to my “traveling companion” for this ride. She’s not really new to the fold; I’d restored her […]

29 Mar 19
In The Know Cycling

. CNC machined D16 derailleur hanger from Pilo Precision Machining. Features: . Manufactured using CNC technology Anodised Made of 6061 T651 aluminium Suitable For: . BMC: 2015 Alpen Challenge AC02 Bergamont: 2015 Hardtail 27 5″ tour allround Roxtar 3.0 C2, Hardtail 29″t allround Revox 3.0 Contoura: 2015 Parma Pisagua, Padua, Patavium, Positano Norco: 2015 Sasquatch […]

14 Mar 19

The Trek FX has developed some problems that will sideline it until winter, because I want to spend this season riding bikes, not repairing them as much. Actually, some of my tools are wearing out, and they are pretty good tools to start with. I moved the wheels from the Trek FX to the 600, […]

12 Mar 19

Aus dem Stadtgebiet Fahrrad verschwunden Von der Adresse Würzburger Straße 14 ist ein Fahrraddiebstahl zur Anzeige gebracht worden. Demnach verschwand von dort im Zeitraum von Donnerstagmittag bis zur Feststellung am Sonntagabend letzter Woche ein Damenmountainbike auf unbekannte Art und Weise. Es ist vom Hersteller Alpina Univega RH52, in den Farben Schwarz und Weiß. Dessen Zeitwert […]