06 Dec 18

Below is a small sampling from our inventory. Many bikes at our shop are $50–$125! We have town bikes, vintage bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes. NEVER BUY NEW KIDS’ BIKES AGAIN! We have kids’ bikes, balance bikes, tag-a-longs and trail-a-bikes that are ready to ride. $19-$89 for high quality brands. Lowest prices on helmets and bike […]

18 Nov 18

My quest for good, rebuildable pedals continues. I like their period look on my older bicycles, and they have a quality that my plastic pedals can’t approach. Some of these pedals had some interesting and elegant design. My feet are too large for clipless  pedals, and I mostly do touring oriented cycling, as well as […]

13 Nov 18

California is caught in the grips of at least two raging wildfires, one near Chico and one that has engulfed all of the city of Malibu and threatens Thousand Oaks. The fires have exceeded and are approaching 100,000 acres respectively, and the count of fatalities is still rising as the intensity and breadth of the […]

09 Nov 18
Century Wasted

I have two bikes. A 15 speed Univega GT and the 8 speed Worksman Dutchie you see above. In pretty much all respects that matter to most cyclists, the Univega is the better bike. It’s much lighter, has more gears to work with and has narrow tires and rims for speed. It is, in short, […]

23 Oct 18
Buzz Bomb Bicycles

Mt. bikes seem to have been given short shrift here on the ol’ Buzz Bomb site. Nearly 9 years and 82 posts and I’ve never mentioned anything about any number of mt. bikes around here. Today it ends with a post about a more recent arrival. While visiting thedropoutbikeshop.com about 8 months ago Chad had pointed out […]

22 Oct 18
Lifelong Walkabout

2018 Coffeeneuring Ride 2 WHERE: South Block Del Ray [3051 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22305] http://www.southblockjuice.com WHEN: Monday, 22 October 2018 WHAT I DRANK: Regular coffee, with a Nutella Acai Bowl WHY GO: Feel-good vibes on a big sunny patio. And Nutella. HOW FAR: 4.28 miles (Strava link) The Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria […]

21 Oct 18
SW-N.TV - Schweinfurter Nachrichten

Pressebericht der Polizeiinspektion Schweinfurt vom 21.10.2018 Aus dem Stadtgebiet: In der Niederwerrner Straße 76 wurde ein Regenfallrohr durch ein unbekanntes Kfz beschädigt. Das Schadensbild spricht für einen Kleintransporter als Unfallverursacher. Wer hat in den letzten 14 Tagen eine passende Beobachtung gemacht? Von Freitagabend bis Samstagmittag wurde ein in der Galgenleite 28 geparkter schwarzer BMW von […]

18 Oct 18
Lifelong Walkabout

2018 Coffeeneuring Ride 1 WHERE: Sweet Rose Bakeshop [201 N 23rd St, Purcellville, VA 20132] http://www.sweetrosebakeshop.com WHEN: Saturday, 13 October 2018 WHAT I DRANK: Latte, with an apple fritter donut WHY GO: Extremely bike-friendly at the peaceful end of the W&OD trail HOW FAR: 20.32 mile out-and-back (Strava link) Back in mid-September, I was in […]

14 Oct 18

I suppose it had to turn cold, but summer hung on a bit of a while this year. The week was an eventful one, however. We started the week with temperatures in the mid 80’s F as a front and an opposing high pressure ridge were vyving for influence over my area. It would be […]

12 Oct 18

Fall is a beautiful season in California. The weather falls from its summer heights to more reasonable climates, encouraging longer days on the bike. Shortening daylight challenges those desires, and the changing weather can be difficult to navigate. I started off this fall with some big days and some beautiful views. The last weekend of […]

28 Sep 18

With the passing of the Fall equinox last weekend, cyclists are gearing up for another season of dark rides. Here in the Bay Area it has already started getting dark around 7:30PM, meaning any post work rides are cut short or I’m stuck riding in the dark. The obvious solution is to charge your handlebar […]

17 Sep 18

This past weekend my partner and I found occasion for an extended weekend bike tour to Truckee. Overwhelmed by the logistics and heavy equipment (cars) needed for more exotic locations like Oregon or Tahoe, we decided to keep it simple and do a car-free, pannier laden multi-day ride on chubby tires. We have tried the […]

16 Sep 18

  I have to say I haven’t been as active in my cycling as i planned to be this summer, but autumn is already looking better. Cooler weather, better health, and some potentially gorgeous new bikes to test out and improve are all in the works. The Corso is already making a bit of progress, […]

09 Sep 18

I ran across some old BMX type pedals the other day, and they seem like a fine alternative to SPDs for bicycle touring, at least in my case. They have a wide foot bed, enough length to fit the ball of my foot, and seem rebuildable, which ticks most of the boxes for me. They […]

31 Aug 18
Chaz Dies at the End

I created this blog solely as a means to keep myself motivated as I try to do this stupid thing I’ve decided to do.  That stupid thing is the “Deathride”.  A 129 mile bike race through the California Alps with 15,000 feet of climbing. Why do this?  My brain gets quickly bored with any sort […]

26 Aug 18

I got busy the other day and attempted to see how big a 700c tire I could get the Univega Supra Sport Frame to accept. Luckily, that answer was 700x35c, just barely. This bicycle will not be wearing fenders, as that is the job of the winter bike, the Trek 720, with which it shares […]

19 Aug 18

A quick update on a few projects before I start going on about some new projects. The tricycle has proved a boon at work, much better than even the rusty Bridgestone was. The Bridgestone was a great improvement, but the tricycle has become indispensable. I don’t have to lean it against anything, it is supremely […]