13 Feb 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

The Eleven Rack dominates both interfaces and effects processors alike with on-board DSP for latency-free tracking via the “True Z” auto-impedance matching input for your guitar.  USB 2.0 computer interfacing capabilities for your direct signal, processed signal, and an XLR microphone input with 48v phantom power get you mind-blowing tones without sacrificing your computer’s processing […]

03 Feb 19
CBS San Francisco

Seattle’s favorite modern garage-punk purveyors Mudhoney return to the Bay Area this weekend, headlining shows at the Independent in San Francisco and the Ritz in San Jose with support from SF punk legends the Avengers.

31 Jan 19
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23 Jan 19
Stolen Sex Tapes Zine

Ultron Atreides on comedic noise rock, Japanese dystopian futures, Stanley Kubrick, teaching, and how difficult it is just to walk this earth as a human being.

11 Jan 19
Top Reviews Site

This review focused on top 10 online surveys that pay cash instantly via paypal. Some of them have a very low as well as no minimum Paypal payout, in case you want to quickly reach the minimum payment requirement and cashout as fast as you can. What makes you human is that you have an […]

05 Jan 19
Home of Thinking

Suara Merdeka 8-1-1997 memberitakan larangan gondrong dan atau berjenggot di Dipenda sebuah kodya Jateng. Info macam ini bukan soal kecil dan perlu dicermati. Sebab larangan itu menghalalkan kerancuan. Meski kerancuan itu kompleks sebagai bagian produk peradaban Nusantara, tapi dengan akal sehat yang biasa-biasa saja, bisa kita lihat tiga kerancuan. Pertama, secara sosiokultural menghalalkan diskriminasi. Kedua, […]

31 Dec 18
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20 Dec 18
PowerPop... An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

Like a Hurricane was on the American Stars ‘n Bars album in 1977. A single version was released that was edited down to under 4 minutes but it failed. The album version is the version that is known now. Neil’s songs are so well written and detailed but they come out sounding so loose like […]

08 Dec 18
menshouldbe.mystagingwebsite.com at Pressable

[ad_1] Below, we cover apps for both Android and iOS devices. Most of these are apps that pay instantly to PayPal. Others will send payments to your PayPal account within 24 hours or so after requesting a cashout. In this section, we cover a list of iOS (iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices) free money […]

07 Dec 18

As with all of my Kontakt instruments, the ethos behind them is not so much an attempt to capture and recreate the past but an opportunity to present the original source material as textures, elements and building blocks in order to create something new. At the same time, hopefully some of the original beauty and […]

30 Nov 18
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28 Nov 18
Yes We Coupon

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31 Oct 18
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29 Oct 18
The Glog

Please watch: “Penny Black Re Release Party with Russ Dwarf” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OLg1ahvC90 –~– Univox Bass Guitar Finish Repairs.

13 Oct 18

Univox U2 Sunburst 1960 Used Guitar Free Shipping from Japan #tg1319 – Buy – Univox U2 Sunburst 1960 Used Guitar Free Shipping from Japan #tg1319

04 Oct 18
Rolling Stone
Moby is selling nearly 200 analog drum machines from his personal collection to raise money for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The sale starts next Thursday, October 11th, on Reverb. “I’ve always been a little obsessed with drum machines,” Moby said. “In fact, I’ve always been a lot obsessed with drum machines. Over the years, I presumptuously believe that I have come up with the largest collection of analog drum machines in the world. There are hundreds of them and I loved each and every one of them. I hope that if you buy them, you love them as much as I did. Please take care of my babies.” Moby shared a video in which he detailed some of the stand-out items from the sale, including two Chamberlin Rhythmates, which the DJ/producer said were his favorites out of the entire collection. Built in the Fifties, the Rhythmate was one of the first electronic drum machines ever produced and, instead of using circuits, used tape-loops with pre-recorded drum sounds. “It’s a beautiful piece, and it’s arguably the rarest, most valuable drum machine ever made, because it’s the first,” Moby said. Other vintage items include a Seventies MXR Drum Computer, an array of classic Univox drum machines and a late-Fifties Wurlitzer Side Man, which is believed to be the first commercially available drum machine that generated sound electronically. Moby also singled out a Roland TR-909 as the piece of equipment he was most hard-pressed to part with. “The 909 really is the core drum machine for early rave records, techno, etc,” he said. “There’s the 808, which is a wonderful drum machine – I actually never owned one – but the 909, every early rave and techno record was made with the 909.” Earlier this year, Moby hosted two other massive sales on Reverb: In April, the musician parted with over 100 pieces of musical equipment, while in June he sold his entire record collection.