16 Dec 18
Jehtro Lewis - Blog

What is the scope of the remedy in Texas v. United States? For some reason, everybody is talking about severability. (Which means it is a good day, like every day, to read Kevin Walsh.) In addition to all the discussion of the merits and severability in Texas v. United States, something should be said about […]

16 Dec 18
Small Tourist

I love going to the airport. Going to the airport in the middle of the night or early morning feels unreal, as if you’re in a weird dream. Everything just feels so strange, like reality has been altered and you’re standing in a different dimension of sorts. Anyway. The airport can be scary and confusing […]

16 Dec 18
a real woman in an unreal world ...

In my 39 years on this planet, a huge chunk of my energy has been used worrying about what other people thought of me. Am I good enough? Am I cool enough? Am I pretty enough? – the list would go on and on…! When I got divorced I decided to change my mindset and […]

15 Dec 18

WASHINGTON — The Wizards are getting Trevor Ariza after all. Washington agreed in principle to acquire Ariza from the Phoenix Suns for Kelly Oubre Jr. and Austin Rivers, according to a person familiar with the deal. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Saturday because it had not been announced by […]

15 Dec 18
That Retro Video Gamer

Ahhh The Game Awards 2018, usually a miss for those of us tired out from all the E3 coverage, EGX, CES, PAX, Play Expo, and my personal local favourite Revival. Okay the last couple cater for the retro enthusiasts, but you get the idea.. by this point in the year, no-one is really looking towards […]

15 Dec 18
Mother Nature

It’s been twenty years, but after a long wait, a lot of hype and anticipation, our favourite purple blaze runner, Spyro the Dragon, is back! With a best-selling trilogy that spanned three games: Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer (a.k.a. Ripto’s Rage!) and Spyro: Year of the Dragon, it was worth waiting for […]

15 Dec 18
Piers Niblock - University Blog

  This Semester’s Professional practice module has been one filled with enlightening information and harsh truths. This module more than any other has provided me with motivation and determination to work as hard as possible in order to reach the highest possible heights in my future career in animation. Priya’s and Alec’s classes discussing CVs, […]

15 Dec 18
The Internet Unconscious, by Sandy Baldwin

Kathie: I don’t want to die. Jeff: Neither do I, baby, but if I have to, I’m going to die last. (Out of the Past, 1947) “Nice guys finish last” does not spare the speaker. The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. Here I am, back again. Writing the net. Always restarting. […]

15 Dec 18
Site Title

Dystopia is always a result of extreme definition, of the flustered or sadistic frenzy to banish from the exit point of the equation, an unclean result. This happens through classification, psychologisation, stereotyping and narrative cliche which trickles down through all levels of psychosocial activity (intra-personal, interpersonal, inter-group, ideological). The offensive element in classification, in explaining […]

15 Dec 18
Daily Fight Report

Aung La N Sang, who currently holds the ONE Championship middleweight and light heavyweight titles, is a massive star in his native Myanmar. So massive, in fact, that he’s been honored with a pretty awesome statue in Manau Park in his hometown of Myitkyina. Aung La N Sang discussed this incredible honor…

15 Dec 18

Written by Matt Trollope Astra Sharma overcame Zoe Hives in a high-quality, physical battle to advance to the final of the Australian Open Play-off, where she will meet either Ellen Perez or Kimberly Birrell. Astra Sharma will meet Kimberly Birrell in the AO Play-off women’s final on Sunday, with an Australian Open main draw wildcard […]

15 Dec 18
Complexity Digest

From preeminent math personality and author of The Joy of x, a brilliant and endlessly appealing explanation of calculus – how it works and why it makes our lives immeasurably better.

Without calculus, we wouldn’t have cell phones, TV, GPS, or ultrasound. We wouldn’t have tamed AIDS or discovered Neptune or figured out how to put 5,000 songs in your pocket.

Though many of us were scared away from this essential, engrossing subject in high school and college, Steven Strogatz’s brilliantly creative, down‑to‑earth history shows that calculus is not about complexity; it’s about simplicity. It harnesses an unreal number—infinity—to tackle real‑world problems, breaking them down into easier ones and then reassembling the answers into solutions that feel miraculous.

Infinite Powers recounts how calculus tantalized and thrilled its inventors, starting with its first glimmers in ancient Greece and bringing us right up to the discovery of gravitational waves (a phenomenon predicted by calculus). Strogatz reveals how this form of math rose to the challenges of each age: how to determine the area of a circle with only sand and a stick; how to explain why Mars goes “backwards” sometimes; how to make electricity with magnets; how to ensure your rocket doesn’t miss the moon; how to cure infectious diseases.

As Strogatz proves, calculus is truly the language of the universe. By unveiling the principles of that language, Infinite Powers makes us marvel at the world anew.

Source: www.amazon.com

15 Dec 18
firstdayofmylife42's Blog

Only heard of your passing tonight. Seems so unreal. Thought you would be with us forever, Old Chap. You were such an integral part of my life. I first met you when I was merely a child and am so thankful that you remained a part of my life. A piece of my heart died […]

15 Dec 18
Try out Fortnite v bucks blog

Players, young types anyway, don’t appear to note this kind of factors. They’re right after assault rifles (if possible the Famous SCAR), pump shotguns, bolt-action sniper rifles (the scope is often a boon), chug jugs, slurp juices, bandages, medkits, and protect potions. They see, and covet, skins that seem great but don't have any bearing […]

15 Dec 18
Redeemed Ruth

He was laid inside a womb by an Angel of God. Then into a Momma’s arms in a Bethlehem barn. He was laid upon an animal’s feeding trough to sleep. Then inside a simple carpenter’s home to be raised up in the no good town of Nazareth. He was laid under a watery baptism in […]

15 Dec 18
Sufficient Living

[OC] Peace After War Conclusion to the Second Jollan Federation War. Time skipping to the end and going into POW treatment. Feedback is appreciated. 2K words War is easy, peace is hard. And peace after war is hardest of all. The end of the Second Jollan Federation War brought uncertain times. The war had started […]