13 Apr 19
Making Music

Here’s a round-up of a few new software titles that have caught our eyes recently. Classic synth, legendary compressors and a re-imagining. Synclavier Go! If you remember the 80s (or you watch endless compilation shows looking back at various decades) then you can’t fail to have heard sounds from the seminal Synclavier II. It was […]

10 Apr 19
CDM Create Digital Music

Arturia have followed up their hit “3 Filters…” and “3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use” with the inevitable trio of compressors – but as with the other bundles, there are some twists (and lower intro prices on now).

02 Apr 19
Vintage Electronics

NOS NIB UTC A-24 Military Standard Vintage Tube Audio Transformer UREI LA 2A – Buy – NOS NIB UTC A-24 Military Standard Vintage Tube Audio Transformer UREI LA 2A

01 Apr 19
Polylingual Passion

Certain basic greetings and introduction are an unavoidable first step into any language journey. Master the gateway phrases: Hello, Goodbye, Yes, No, Thank you, I am…,  What’s your name?, How are you?,  Great…, I’m Sorry, ‘Can I have…?, ‘Where is the…’, ‘How much does it cost?’,  Again, More slowly please, I don’t understand… Research shows […]

14 Mar 19
Dance Music NW

Kazrog True Iron is a fantastic new plugin developed by Shane McFee in conjunction with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It impressively emulates six classic line transformers in one plugin; the likes of which that can be found throughout professional analog studios. We absolutely love using KClip so we thought we’d check out their latest […]

22 Feb 19
Rolling Mikan 🍊

Roselia – Safe and Sound (Lalalala…) 遥かなる摩天楼 夢の頂には 目指せども遠くて 果てしなくて 現実と理想を 天秤にかけては 唇を噛み締めて進む Haruka naru maten no yume no itadaki ni wa On a faraway skyscraper lies the peak of our dreams Mezase domo tōkute hateshinakute What we’re aiming for is still faraway and endless Genjitsu to risō wo tenbin ni kakete wa We put reality and our […]

18 Feb 19

itsuka no koe ga ima boku no kokoro wo kyuukutsu ni shiteiku aa dattandesho kou dattandesho migatte kaishaku receiver kawaranakya akimashitatte kawareba kawarimashita yo ne tte ittai nan dai? sore nan dai? hoko to tate wa nakunaranai you de shite shiawase wa pin boke suru furyouhin ai shattaa kurushii koto wa sensai ni utsuru kougashitsu renzu de seiippai yattenda betsu ni kimi no tame janai nee sou daro? shou ni awanai koto shite ikireru hodo yoyuu nai jinsei sou hai ni jinsei sou mae ni jinsei soumei ni ikitai no wa yamayama da ga wari to konkyo mo shoumei mo nai you na genjou sekai kurai ga choudo yokute jinsei sou rafu ni jinsei sou tafu ni jinsei sou geemu mitai ni tanjun na mono de ii daro A, B botan de kakete kimetai mirai mo arunda hiiroo no puraibeeto wa kitto shoumonai to omounda wari to negativu dattari futsuu no ningen shiteru sa tanin no koe ni madowasareru hodo yoyuu nai mou isso furan ni mou isso fuantei ni mou kitto setsumeisho doori wa kireisugite shimau kara yogose kowase kimerareta tsumaranai kotei gainen nante sutero mou jissai dou ni demo nare oshikoroshita koe de yaritakunai koto ni karugarushiku unazuku no wa yamero agero kao wo agero tsukarete shimattanda hito no ego de tsukurareta utsuro ni dake wa naritaku wa nakute jikan wa mada aru to iza hitori me no mae ni shita koukai to shindenzu wa gushagusha no manma omou koto wa tada hitotsu urei urei urei urei urei urei urei jinsei sou hai ni jinsei sou mae ni jinsei soumei ni kawaritai no wa yamayama da ga watashi wa konkyo mo shoumei mo nai you na genjou sekai kurai ga oniai da jinsei sou rafu ni jinsei sou tafu ni jissai sou geemu mitai ni tanjun meikai ni ikitakutte A, B botan de kaete mitai mirai mo arunda  

13 Feb 19
Ryan's Audio Technology 101

The Studer J37 was an early 4-track recording device famously used on the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  While Les Paul had helped to develop the 8-track Ampex tape machine in the 1950s, and Tom Dowd was frequently employing multitrack mixing, many tape machine companies and audio engineers were slow to implement such […]

19 Jan 19
Free Download WMA To MP3 Converter

Convert WMA to MP3. A little bit of background: any decoder, both mp3 or Ogg or whatever, is effectively synthesising a waveform from restricted info. It is adding harmonics together to supply a linear PCM illustration that’s piped to the sound output hardware. I’ve some a hundred and seventy flac recordsdata, all but three have […]

11 Jan 19

Vintage JBL UREI 6150 Stereo Power Amp – Serviced! – Buy – Vintage JBL UREI 6150 Stereo Power Amp – Serviced!

10 Dec 18

018 PhD candidates: You are welcome and Master’s candidates: Deposit of your thesis or project is required. Google “reduce pdf file size” to find some. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department Theses and Dissertations JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. A chemistry thesis can also be […]