Vera Mont

19 Jun 19
Newsy Today

They grow in the wild in France, and yet the pistachios of the French aperitif come from the other side of the world. To remedy this, a handful of farmers reintroduced pistachio in Provence, a way also to prepare for climate change. Between vineyards, olive trees and truffle oaks, on a hilly terrain in the […]

10 Jun 19
Noticias Ultimas

CERRAR Un becerro de 3 semanas de edad, yak, encuentra el terreno elevado mientras juega con otro becerro en Yak Ridge Cabins and Farmstead, cerca de Cosmos Mystery Area en Rapid City, S.D. (Foto: Adam Fondren / Rapid City Journal a través de AP) Alabama Los empleados de la Universidad de Alabama eliminaron el nombre […]

02 Jun 19

…The world’s greatest mutants are faced with their biggest test yet…

29 May 19
Nouvelles Du Monde

Le rover Curiosity de la NASA a confirmé que la région Mars, elle explore, appelée "unité d'argile", mérite bien de son nom. Deux échantillons du mobile récemment forés sur des cibles rocheuses appelées "Aberlady" et "Kilmarie" ont révélé les montants les plus élevés de minéraux argileux jamais trouvés au cours de la mission. Les deux […]

15 May 19
The Long Wine Road

Time to reflect on the O’Briens Wine fest this past weekend at Dublin Castle. With over 300 wines to choose from, the Festival gets bigger and bigger each year, probably for my poor palate too big, as it was a question of being spoiled for choice. But, I was determined to get around as many […]

04 May 19
When Women Inspire

Eyebrow transplant surgery is a real thing! Fascinating facts and what you need to know to decide if brow transplantation is right for you.

22 Apr 19
Archy Worldys

Where do 19 popular branded products cost the least? We have made the price comparison at 5 discounters and supermarkets – and determined a clear loser. Especially in cities, such as Bamberg, there are plenty of supermarkets and discounters, which attract every week with attractive offers. Aldi, Lidl and. Co. – Where do customers buy […]

20 Apr 19
thoughts on design and everything cycling

St Malo to Nice (almost) It is always special meeting a new group, Longer trips are extra special as there is a real chance getting to know each other. This trip was no exception and with two northerners as part of our riding group, Will and Andrew it was bound to be a winning combination […]