18 Jul 19
The Feast That's Life

La Latina brings the Spanish culture of enjoying tapas right to the heart of our city. This new restaurant located at N block, GK 2 serves up some amazing Spanish tapas dishes and lovely mocktails and cocktails to go with these. The restaurant takes inspiration from the famous tapeo and pintxopote of San Sebastian, not […]

16 Jul 19

I have been on a rampage of Ube drinking lately due to the happy coincidence that while Madrid’s unseemly warmth parches the throat, the watering holes I head to (for the record, home, then Angelita, Taberna Palo Cortado, Taberna Verdejo, and now Dis Tinto), are awash with these high class fresheners. And I speak in […]

16 Jul 19

J Exp Robot ’09, 58:853�C867.PubMedCentralPubMedCrossRef 20. Azuma A new, Yakushiji L, Koshita Ful, Kobayashi S: Flavonoid biosynthesis-related genetics inside fruit epidermis tend to be differentially regulated by temperature and lightweight situations. Planta 2012, 236:1067�C1080.PubMedCrossRef PD0325901 mw 21. Koyama E, Ikeda H, Poudel PR, Goto-Yamamoto D: Light quality affects flavonoid biosynthesis inside young berry regarding Cabernet […]

16 Jul 19

These lovely ladies and a young lady had a great time making adorable Birdhouse Gift Boxes and Birdhouse Card. The gift box and card were shared by Lizzie Verdejo at gettogether I attended a couple of weeks ago. I just had to recreate them for my stampers, I knew they would just love it! If […]

14 Jul 19
Les 5 du Vin

Since I also (together with Jim Mr Cool-it Budd, here showing just how to cool down a glass of sweet Chenin properly) attended the recent and very interesting Chenin congress in the Loire town of  Angers, I will attempt to cover here a few points that stood out for me during the 2 and a […]

14 Jul 19

Naked shelves? Noticing the recent gaps on the LCBO shelves, I wondered what was going on. Despite the fact that every month some products are advertised as "Limited Time Offers", many are clearly visible due to their absence at the moment. It's not that we don't have different alternatives as consumers, but it's just curious […]

14 Jul 19
Gimme Wine

Students all around the world know the struggle of having to choose between pasta and pasta each night, and when they have friends over they don’t know which wine they can serve with it. But pasta is not reserved for students since this can be a very delicate and refined dish that require a wine […]

12 Jul 19
Always Ravenous

It’s summertime! Time to fire up the grill! Want an easy, tasty grill menu? A grilled sausage feast and mixed seasonal vegetables paired with a Rioja Crianza is one of my favorite summertime go-to grilling menus. Tempranillo, the principal grape variety in a red Rioja from Spain, has an affinity to pair well with grilled […]

10 Jul 19

After a disappointing season, there is going to be a fresh start at AS Roma and leading the charge will be Gianluca Petrachi, the former Torino Sporting Director who comes in with a gleaming reputation.

07 Jul 19
Adventures in Molecular Cuisine

My first visit to noma was several years ago to the original restaurant, where I had the classic menu. Since then, noma has moved to a new location. It’s still in the same general area of Copenhagen, but north of the old location. It still has 2 Michelin stars. The new restaurant is much more […]

07 Jul 19
Celtic Hammer

Glasgow Irish FC kickstarted our pre season campaign with a friendly match at Scotstoun today against recently formed team MH United (Mental Health United). A team with a superb ethos behind them in their pushing forward the still often ignored stigma of those suffering from poor mental health. The Irish have looked sharp in the […]

05 Jul 19
Vancouver Sun

News from the wine world, wines to buy now, and an expert wine match for our creamy pea risotto recipe.

04 Jul 19
News Directory

For more older adults (years 60 years old), aging is associated with increased risk of hearing loss1 and may be associated with increased risk of depression.2 Over the past 40 years, studies and association. Several reasons contribute to these conflicting findings. Reported in epidemiological studies tpresented in the study design, t3 . T4 whereas others. […]

04 Jul 19
Passports and Plates

Madrid in 4 days Travel Dates: June 9, 10, 11, 15th (4 days, 4 nights with Barcelona in between) Places visited: Madrid, Toledo, Segovia Weather:  The weather in Madrid was amazing! There is barely any humidity, making 80 degree weather very comfortable. Nights are a little chilly, around the 60s so we brought a sweater when we […]