05 Mar 19

The red carpet premiere for Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson took place last weekend and the film officially hits theaters this week. Brie Larson looked immaculate on the red carpet and she looks like a total badass in the film, but this wasn’t always the case. She had to work her ass to get into […]

12 Feb 19
Hansen Performance

Let’s get a some semantics out of the way first. A session. Singular. It’s a one off. A training program is a series of workouts, with each building on the last, with the intentions of improving specific qualities. It’s a roadmap of sorts. So, to be clear, a training program is not: rolling dice to […]

07 Feb 19
Sport Archives

Lebron James's career and career lend themselves. The 34-year-old Los Angeles Lakers successfully graduated with great gratitude and work ethics that always enabled him to improve throughout his career. Since he started talking to his first basket in Akron (Ohio), his hometown, so far, the story of James is the person who wanted to make […]

01 Feb 19
Andre Eger

Lady Gaga works with a personal trainer and she is reportedly a frequent attender of SoulCycle. Gaga’s trainer Harley Pasternak has her doing strength training sessions five times a week. Gaga also supplements her workout routine with how she eats.  Lady Gaga is quite a powerhouse. Whether she’s racking up awards or performing at her […]

29 Jan 19
CBS San Francisco

Brick and mortar stores have been struggling for years, but there is one kind of business that isn’t threatened by the internet. Group fitness studios are fast expanding in the Bay Area. 

13 Jan 19

2019-01-13 00:09:38 [ad_1] • Real Solutions Unlimited Corp. of Loveland won a $23,014 federal contract set aside for small business from the U.S. Army for VersaClimber cardio machines in Fort Benning, Ga. • A fully leased 16,923-square-foot retail center at 1612 N. College Ave. in Fort Collins sold Dec. 20 for $2.5 million. Country Club […]

29 Dec 18
Site Title

January is the busiest time of year for exercise equipment sales as well-fed consumers look to make good on their health-based New Year’s resolutions. But if you’re considering a home treadmill or elliptical, it might make sense to pull the trigger sooner rather than later. “January is usually a good time to buy treadmills and ellipticals, when prices are […]