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23 Feb 19
Be a Seed for Change

The Daily Kos Elections Voting Rights Roundup is written by Stephen Wolf and edited by David Nir. LEADING OFF • North Carolina: In an astonishing ruling released late on Friday afternoon, a North Carolina state court struck down two constitutional amendments passed by voters last fall, saying that because the Republican-run legislature had been elected […]

15 Feb 19

09:04 East09:04 Donald Trump's declaration of an emergency would have given him about $ 8 billion to build his wall on the US-Mexico border. This is $ 1.375 billion approved by Congress for fences along the 55-mile border of Texas, plus another $ 6.5 billion that it intends to spend without congressional approval, according to […]

15 Feb 19
News Archives Uk

2:04 p.m. GMT2:04 p.m. Donald Trump's emergency declaration would give him about $ 8 billion to build his wall on the US-Mexico border. According to the Washington Post, $ 1.375 billion has been approved by Congress for fencing construction on 55 km of the Texas border, plus $ 6.5 billion it expects to spend without […]

15 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

9:04 European summer time4.9 Donald Trump's urgency statement would give him about $ 8 billion to build his wall on the US-Mexico border. That's $ 1.375 billion approved by the Fencing Congress along the 55 miles of the Texas border, plus another $ 6.5 billion he wants to spend without the congressional approval, the Washington […]

12 Feb 19
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President Donald Trump gave Congress a chance to negotiate for three weeks, and this is what he got: a billion and change. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images A BORDER DEAL … SARAH FERRIS, HEATHER CAYGLE and BURGESS EVERETT: “The tentative deal includes $1.375 billion for physical barriers — a type of fencing that resembles the ‘steel […]

12 Feb 19
Nachrichten Welt

Dieses Ding ist mehr als 6.300 Wörter lang, also kommen wir direkt zu den Fragen zur Murray-Montag-Schultasche dieser Woche. Danke wie immer für die Anfragen. (Hinweis: Wenn Sie die Tweets nicht sehen, liegt dies wahrscheinlich daran, dass Sie Google Chrome nicht verwenden. Verwenden Sie Google Chrome). Ich hatte eine Flut von Fragen über die Auswahlkommission […]

31 Jan 19
Russia News Now

Elizabeth Warren tries to BAN Trump and his successors from launching a nuclear first strike saying it would cut the risk of accidental conflagration Massachusetts senator and  presidential hopeful introduces No First Use Act to make it illegal to use nuclear weapons except in retaliation She said law would set in stone that the U.S. […]

28 Jan 19
M-D-N Global Web

#5 REPAIR TOOLS THAT ARE VERY CRUCIAL IN EVERY HOME’S GARAGE A garage is a very essential structure for each and every home. Although it’s not something most get to think of as a benefit- just a component of the house, having this storage room have more vital benefits, than just storing your house stuff, […]

23 Jan 19
None of this is Normal

Tuesday January 22, 2019