21 Feb 19

The Anamoose Fire Dept. held a chili feed Saturday evening, February 16, 2019  to announce the winners of their  $30/ticket raffle.  They also had smaller prizes that were raffled off that evening.  The proceeds will be used for new grass fire equipment. The following were winners:   Ice Castle-Donna Wolf-Fargo   Honda Pioneer-Kathy Vetsch-Anamoose   […]

21 Feb 19
Live, Log, Blog

Within any community there are often technological shifts that transpire with the intent to better a group as a whole. Ice fishing is a sport that has seen many fads come, some of which have evolved into trends. One of those trends being the use of fish flashers. Fish flashers are transducers that are submerged […]

16 Feb 19
The London Free Press

It’s ice fishing season. Which raises a question: Why could possibly possess a person to go ice fishing? Twelve years ago this month, our Ian Gillespie ventured out onto Mitchell’s Bay to figure out the cold, hard facts about its allure. His typically witty column was originally published on the front page of the Feb. […]

13 Feb 19
Fish Delavan & Geneva Lakes

Bluegills in the Shallows   Shortly after the yearly ritual of Wisconsin’s white-tail deer season is complete, the next “season” is upon us.  That “season” is the first ice for ice fishing.  As a rule, the first ice is the most productive time to catch the fish in the shallows.  My favorite quarry is the […]

06 Feb 19

Sportsman’s Guide is having an Ice Fishing Sale with some great deals on gear but to make them even better you can get a $50 Gift Card on $150+ orders. Check out the Buddy/Dewalt Heaters and don’t miss the Guide Gear Deals!

05 Feb 19

Thanks to ‘Brian’ for the HOT TIP on this Vexilar FL-8SE Genz Pack Deal. Hurry over to Scheels and grab one for under $250 and free shipping!

04 Feb 19
Outdoor Girl Jess

Do you ever feel like even though you know exactly what you’re doing and are successful, you just don’t receive the credit you deserve? Or you’re just overlooked because of something that you have no control over? That’s typically how I feel when I participate in any outdoors activity. But not this time. This time, […]

21 Jan 19

Head over to Mills and check out this great price on the Vexilar FL-8SE Genz Pack Flasher. If you’re looking for a great reliable entry-level flasher don’t miss this deal!

18 Jan 19

By Nick Simonson As we settle into the heart of ice season and the challenges of the middle stretch come to be, there are some little changes that can help up the odds of success and make things easier, when conditions might conspire to make fishing tougher.  What follows are a few tips, tweaks and […]

22 Dec 18

Nicker and Chad   A message for a young couple getting married during the summer of 2018.  Whether you choose to get married or a loved one…a highly recommended point of reflection to consider.     Message Nicole and Chad, thank you sincerely for this opportunity to marry you.  It is a distinct honor. As […]

22 Dec 18
two branches homestead

Winter on the homestead is always a time to reflect on the last growing season.  It is also a time to plan next years adventures, but most of all for us its a time to fish.  Ice fishing has been a part of our winters for as long as I can remember. It has always […]

21 Dec 18
Awaiting Game

The season of hard water and sitting on buckets is upon us. It’s time to make a game plan for ice fishing.

20 Dec 18
Ty's Blog

Over the past years I have acquired a decent amount of ice fishing gear.  These will be the things that I like to use, as well as what I have.  My auger, when I first started out ice fishing I had a hand auger, this got tiring so last year I purchased an Eskimo HC-40 […]

19 Dec 18

I have decided to take a new approach to guided ice fishing trips.  I have found that there are a lot of people who have never ice fished and would like to give it a try but don’t want to spend a bunch of money.  Given this I am going to be offering 2,4, and […]

18 Dec 18
Fish Delavan & Geneva Lakes

I am jig fishing almost exclusively.  I bring my 50 inch long poles with stillfish reels and my basic jig rods teamed with a small ultra light reel spooled with 1 lb Lindy ice line.  The most essential tool is a quality light action spring bobber to detect those light biters.