24 Feb 19

it is finally almost spring break!  though winter break wasn’t so long ago, i physically cannot wait until spring break as i get to go back to my favourite place ever- hawaii! this will be the third year in a row going back to kauai.  i love this island because it is especially lush and […]

24 Feb 19
Hayley in Haiti

February 23 2019 Get it? Evacuation + Vacation By now some of you may have heard that I’ll be taking this little vacation. I keep calling it a vacation to lift the spirits, but really my organization is sending me back to the US for 3-5 weeks until the political situation in Haiti cools off. […]

24 Feb 19
Hollywood Latest News

Demi Lovato Reportedly ‘Doing Great’ One Month Into Rehab, Hollywood Celebrity Rewards.

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Demi Lovato Reportedly 'Doing Great' One Month Into Rehab

Hollywood Celebrities 2015 New Celebrity News Coming Soon latest Walt Hollywood Studios is an American film studio, one of the four major businesses of The Walt Hollywood Company and the main component of its Studio Entertai

24 Feb 19
Soft Places

The first of its kind in the Philippines, the Retro Gaming Expo was recently held at the Fisher Mall Expo Hall in Quezon City last February 22-23. The convention promised the nostalgia of sending visitors back in time to relive the early days of gaming. According to the event site,”RGX is the ultimate gaming and […]

24 Feb 19

Here is a list of dramas that I have watched / currently watching this month. Enjoy 🙂 The Legends I have watched 20 episodes of The Legends and I honestly really enjoy it so far. I was hyped when I watched the Trailers and was excited for its release. I already knew the acting would […]

24 Feb 19
Not Acting My Age

I’ve got a new obsession. Have  you seen Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix? The premise is fantastic. Who doesn’t want to clean up the messes in our homes? C’mon- we all have them somewhere. Closets? That junk drawer in the kitchen? Old photographs? The garage? Just admit it and you’ll feel better! Marie […]

24 Feb 19
Til Death Do Us Whisky

One day it started raining, and it didn’t stop for 4 months. Okay, maybe it hasn’t been 4 months, but it sure feels like it here in the South. It has rained every day this week and then some, and it isn’t due to stop soon. Cold and rainy days call for something with a […]

24 Feb 19

One of the most surprising twists of the extremely twisty documentary Shirkers was how much of its narrative involved our home city, New Orleans. For a movie with a main conflict centered in early-90s Singapore, an alarming amount of its third act was filmed around the corner from my house just a couple years ago. […]

24 Feb 19
VIBook Reviews

(Release date: February 26 2019 from Katherine Tegen Books) At the Medio School for Girls, distinguished young women are trained for one of two roles in their polarized society. Depending on her specialization, a graduate will one day run a husband’s household or raise his children. Both paths promise a life of comfort and luxury, far […]

24 Feb 19
Aug's Blog

There’s a lot of labels that have been slapped on to Snoop Dogg’s name- entertainer, marijuana activist, businessman, gangster, and even Martha Stewart’s ‘homie’. But that’s what the people want, and Snoop knows how to deliver in expert fashion; he’s a master of his universe with unlimited potential (even at 47-years-old). This past week-if you […]

24 Feb 19
Group 1

In, “How #BlackLivesMatter Started a Musical Revolution,” by Daphne A. Brooks, she discusses the new age of political music from artists such as Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, and D’Angelo. While some of her points include hip-hop poet Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly and D’Angelo’s Black Messiah, her main point of focus is Beyoncé. Brooks insists that through […]

24 Feb 19
Teaching English in East Asia

And so it ends! The final full day of the holiday. Wednesday morning, we had breakfast and waited until about 9:30 to leave the hostel. We planned to go to the California Museum, which opened at 10:00. We were a little early but waited for it to open, and then wandered around for an hour […]