Viking Cue

16 Dec 18

  The legend that is Robin Hood has been told. Retold, expanded upon and also committed to celluloid on so many occasions. It is a story that we are all familiar with, a Saxon Lord that is driven into becoming a bandit by the cruel and tyrannicide ways of the Norman conquerors. But, saying this, […]

16 Dec 18

Well, I managed to stay awake for the whole Texans game, I said Texans and avoid the spread, I still feel that was correct despite the Texans covering it late on with that field goal. I put out Eli McGuire o24.5 receiving yards on twitter, as well as Jordan Thomas anytime, the McGuire bet came […]

16 Dec 18

It all starts with the five-word caveat that, when spoken swiftly or written casually, sounds so simple. If the Giants win out … There is so much that has to fall precisely the right way for the Giants and their far-fetched hopes — more like dream — of attaining an NFC wild-card playoff berth that […]

13 Dec 18

(getty images) Upsets were a theme last week, huh? Man I took a hit this week, finishing only 5-11. We had a 2-way tie for first with both Drue and Anthony finishing 7-9. But, it is a new week and upset week is behind us. Lets get into the picks. Overall Record (Week 3-14) Drue: […]

13 Dec 18

  On the night of December 13th, the dark witch Lussi (counterpart to the benevolent  Santa Lucia) flies on her broom with the Wild Hunt of Odin. Beware gentle humans! For if you encounter this merry band of hunters, they just may abduct you to the Underworld. But hey, it might not be a bad […]

13 Dec 18
Allene R. Lowrey

As though on cue, the forest itself seemed to come alive around them. The grass and the twining berry vines that trailed along the ground reached up to grab his boots, and the bushes and brambles around the clearing began to visibly grow into a wall. So much for not attracting attention. “Run!” Einarr suited […]

12 Dec 18
Welcome to!

Okay okay.. I am going to start this off with a clear disclaimer since most fans and some disgruntled media members get all warm inside with this rebuttal – The Titans have to win for any of this to matter. Alright!? Now that we’re all good and clear on that, we can move on, and since […]

09 Dec 18
Moon Matter

December 2018 is finally upon us! That means it’s favourites time. It’s been a tough old year and I can’t say I’ll be sad to see 2018 go. Despite that, I really feel like I’ve made a lot of progress within my spiritual practice. I’ve minimised my tools and streamlined what I do. I’ve spent […]

09 Dec 18
The Ladies League

In a rivalry as classic as pineapple on pizza and tomato sauce belonging in the cupboard, the round 7 Saturday night fixture saw 2nd place Victory take on 3rd, with Adelaide moving up a position in the hour before the game thanks to Wellington’s obliteration of Sydney (I just wanted to find a way to […]

07 Dec 18
The Writer in Black

I’m going to ramble here a bit. When I first started exploring Goth subculture I saw posts that said that Goths come from all walks of life and all political persuasions.  However, in my own experience I’ve seen more of a left-wing bent.  One link I found (not going to link to it) that purported […]

06 Dec 18

The Viking Lumberjack

peppylilspitfuck: golbatgender: scienceshenanigans: eeveedream: beka-tiddalik: systlin: dracota: systlin: chesand: systlin: arandomblackbook: systlin: systlin: systlin: So some dude got sent to the hospital with cyanide poisoning because he was eating cherries and decided, for some fucking reason, to crack the pits open and eat the meat inside. “I didn’t think nothin’ of it. Thought it was […]

05 Dec 18

The Viking Lumberjack

darthmelyanna: thattallnerdybean: You know what I find interesting? How I Met Your Mother just like… disappeared from culture after the finale aired. Like sure you might still hear the odd, “Challenge accepted” or use that gif of Marshall hugging the pillow as a reaction image, but no one really uses the phrases in vernacular, no […]

04 Dec 18
Judas Maccabeus and the Downfall of Gog

 by Damien F. Mackey Now the word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him …’. Ezekiel 38:1-2   And you, son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, ‘Thus says the […]