Viking Cue

23 Jul 19
Welcome To The Park List

Changes are Coming (1980) The beginning of the ’80s brought about immediate change; The Beast track saw several modifications, including the turn directly out of the first tunnel re-banked,

23 Jul 19
Sublime Reviews

What’s up everybody? I thought that I might try something different tonight. I have been obsessively watching every Raw, Smackdown, and PPV the WWE has been putting out for the past few years, after falling off watching for quite some time before that. I have tossed around the idea of blogging about Wrestling since it […]

22 Jul 19
Am I doing this right?

This one took me a while to write. At first it was because I was busy falling in love, packed my bags and took up residence on the Land of New Relationships where colors are brighter, strangers smile back at you, all songs are about your love because life is one big Barry White musical, […]

22 Jul 19
Kelsea McKenna

Day 2, July 7: We have another full itinerary ahead. Being naturally inclined to exploring the less-traveled routes, we choose the northern way instead. While tempted by the allure of the Westfjords, bypass it for timing purposes. Our destination is Akureyri via the newly advertised highway of the north. I pull off my sleep mask […]

22 Jul 19

The hard part about starting a blog 5 years or so into your return to regular wrestle watching is that for me, I’m in the middle of about 20 different quests. I don’t have the patience to watch everything in chronological order like some out there (and to those folks, I salute you) – I […]

19 Jul 19
The Viral content of the Web

Wanna be a head-turner? Getting a cool forearm tattoo is a sure shot way to be one. Men and tattoos have shared a long relationship in history. Almost seen as a biological diary, man has always tattooed the most significant events of his life onto himself. It is almost a way of carrying lessons and […]