Viking Cue

16 Feb 19

The chief purpose of the conscious mind is the focusing of its contents. The common wandering of the mind’s thoughts may call into question this declared purpose, and yet we are familiar with the expression of ‘having a sharp mind’, and the relationship between something being sharp and something being focused is illustrated by the […]

15 Feb 19

@Walmart and @DreamWorksAnimation Invite Fans to Step Into the Hidden World of How to Train Your Dragon Through New Virtual Reality Experience Spatial&, the newest portfolio company from Walmart’s Store N°8, and DreamWorks Animation present a virtual reality activation offering a glimpse into the future of merchandising through the beloved film franchise BENTONVILLE, Ark.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Have […]

14 Feb 19

Top left, a Cataglyphis desert ant; bottom left, the Australian desert ant Melophorus bagoti; right, the AntBot.Image: Dupeyroux, et al (Science Robotics) Researchers in France are calling their six-legged creation the “AntBot.” This 9-inch robot doesn’t just skitter around like a desert ant, though—it also borrows their unique navigational skills. These skills, showcased in a […]

14 Feb 19
The Marauding Mommy.

Schmoozing with locals – both humans and animals – in the Norwegian countryside.

13 Feb 19

Great riders and horses have already made the trip to the far east of the globe for the Longines Masters of Hong Kong CSI 5* this week. Held during the Asia Horse Week, it is certainly the most exciting indoor showjumping event in Asia. The list of international participants and horses for this year’s edition […]

12 Feb 19
The Bipolar Viking

Uncontrollable sobbing.  That’s the most striking memory I have from the first night that I spent on suicide watch in Northwestern Hospital in downtown Chicago after my brush with the unthinkable and 3 years of untreated Bipolar Disorder came to a head. For what seemed like hours I couldn’t stop the waterworks long enough to […]

12 Feb 19
The British History Podcast

Northumbria was always the hot mess of the heptarchy. There are a few exceptions where they manage to pull it together long enough to produce something important, like Bede, or when Leeds United won the premiership in 1991. But generally, it’s a bit of a shitshow.  Sort of like Leeds United. [mepr-show if=”rule: 44864″ unauth=”message” […]

12 Feb 19
HEARTBEAT OF A MOVIE - The World of Film Scoring

Each year, HEARTBEAT OF A MOVIE will present the so-called “HOAM Awards” whose aim is to give recognition to the composers who have written the best scores of the last year. As such, it does also represent a retroperspective of what has happened in the film music scene in the past twelve months by looking back […]

12 Feb 19
Pop Culture Uncovered

Dice have become synonymous with role-playing games, from appearing in logos to references in podcast names to the titles of books. As the first tabletop RPG, D&D, used polyhedral dice, it’s understandable why dice would become a standard for random numbers and determining outcomes. RPGs aren’t limited, however, to the whims of small plastic shapes […]

12 Feb 19
What I Googled Today

1. Location.  Living in the south has its perks.  Being near Tagaytay is one of it.  Sometimes, we’d go up Tagaytay just to drink coffee or have dinner after picking up our son from school.  Just so sick of the traffic that instead of lining up on our toll exit, we’d rather just head straight […]

12 Feb 19
Catling on Film

The final release poster for Alita: Battle Angel is out and she’s holding some weirdly unidentifiable, but cool-looking sword. A 26th-century cyborg still needs a sword. Cue Hellboy reboot and in the poster, the guy who carries an unfeasibly large calibre revolver is holding… a sword. As is… Transformer‘s own Optimus Primus Stove, a thirty-foot […]

11 Feb 19
Nicole's MBA Blog

What resonated for you in the learning materials about cultural differences and individual differences? Select three aspects of your culture/personality that you feel affect your performance in negotiations. About each, answer: What is the aspect of you that you’ll discuss? Where did it come from (family, biology, work, school, church)? In what ways does this […]

10 Feb 19
S Briddsang

It’s Saturday morning and I’m at home now. Although I try to write a trip as I go along, I’m never quite able to do so. Especially at the tail end. I usually get a post or two or three written while flying. But then I get home. Jet lagged and happy to be in […]

09 Feb 19
My Filmy Romance

Director – Hans Petter Moland Writer – Frank Baldwin Cast – Liam Neeson, Tom Bateman, Tom Jackson, Emmy Rossum, Domenick Lombardozzi, Julia Jones, John Doman, Nicholas Holmes, Laura Dern Runtime – 118 minutes Cold Pursuit, simply put, is an absolutely bizarre and ridiculous film. Since Liam Neeson’s resurgence as a leading action star in Taken, […]

08 Feb 19
Éireann Ascendant

A continuation of: Rebel Operative: Liam Mellows Against Britain, Against the Treaty, 1920-2 (Part V) New Digs For Ernie O’Malley, life in Dublin was rapidly becoming an ordeal. For one, the Gaelic League Hall in Parnell Square, that the anti-Treaty Irish Republican Army (IRA) had decided upon for its headquarters, was too small and limited […]