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01 Feb 19
Slaying Mom Life

Parents’ lives can be significantly disrupted by the challenges above usual parenting because of illness‐specific demands and the requirement for treatments and hospitalization. Our child needs more care and affection for a while. And we should be giving them full focused attention. It may be hard not to be irritated by the constant clinging and […]

09 Jan 19
La Razón


18 Nov 18

Two years of breastfeeding..and still counting. A lot have asked me when am I going to stop especially now that we are again expecting. E gusto pang dumede ni Jhia, what can I do? Looking back to the struggles we’ve been through, ngayon pa ba ako susuko? The Beginning Truth is, she was not breastfed […]

10 Aug 18
Indian And Global Tenders

Tender for Supply Of Disposable & Dental Items – “O” Drapes, “U” Drape, 2” Curopore Plaster, 3 Line Gun Label For Steam 750 Labels Per Rollshould Provide Gun At Free Of, Cost, 3 Way Foleys Catheter No 16, 3 Way Foleys Catheter No 18, 3M Nylon Plaster, 3-Way Extension 100Cm, 3-Way Extension 10Cm, 3-Way Extension […]

22 Mar 18
Hippie Tattooed Momma

I’m not the biggest fan of “drugstore” medication especially when treating the seasonal cough and cold. Our family gets it every now and then. I am thankful and blessed that my children has never been hospitalized  (except for P’s trip to the E.R twice, for stitches). My children has been seeing a pediatrician who practices […]

05 Jan 18
Sophia versus Diabetes (T1D)

RAISING AWARENESS: How our 3 year-old daughter almost died because of diabetes (type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus). ** pardon if i’ve used several medical terms or procedures incorrectly. Im no doctor and also not an expert on the subject matter yet. Article is only meant to raise awareness, not bash or hate on anybody. […]