Vise Grip

22 May 19

and saw bird yesterday whose name mustve been larry legend who wasnt green white maybe white cuz after all birds symbols peace just like white peaces pieces people blown to reeses pieces to eat them in name peace selfrighteous nations whose job is bring birds white to nations with stations i must die they must die radio […]

22 May 19

This was not the pressure you feel before a big exam, an important job interview, or a first date. That’s apprehension and anticipation. This pressure was complete physical pain, more consuming than a mile-wide F-Five twister barreling down on an unincorporated settlement, more enduring than being stripped and strapped to a hornet’s nest, a stinging […]

22 May 19

The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth by Hermann Hesse With an introduction by Thomas Mann Introduction A full decade has passed since I last shook Hermann Hesse’s hand. Indeed the time seems even longer, so much has happened meanwhile–so much has happened in the world of history and, even amid the stress and uproar of […]

21 May 19
Bayou Book Junkie

Out of the Shade by S.A. McAuley Publisher: Self-pub (S.A. McAuley, LLC) Release Date (Print & Ebook): May 21, 2019 Length (Print & Ebook): 332 pages (print), 103k words Subgenre: Contemporary Warnings: alcoholism, mentions of sexual and physical abuse, mentions of drug addiction, mentions of rape, attempted suicide by a minor character, violence, homophobia, closeting […]

20 May 19
h v m a n

Purple and blue hues littered her tiny body. Vise-like grip broke white bones beneath pink skin. He called this their alone time.

20 May 19
High Velocity Sport

FMIA: Smart NFL People Share 25 Ways To Make Pro Football Better The idea: ask smart people, 25 of them, in and around football, what they’d do if they could change one thing about the sport of professional football. I’m getting out of the way. From Ron Wolf to […]

20 May 19
Rustic Book Travels

As I shared previously I’m on tour for the entire Guild Saga by John Joseph Doody ☺️ below you will find some book blurb, author information, links you can click on to follow him on social sites and of course my review. Hope y’all enjoy 😊 Inside The Book Title: THE GUILD SAGA: THE LATE, […]

20 May 19

The NFL is in a good place, but it certainly could be better. In his Football Morning in America column, Peter King polls 25 smart NFL people—from media to players to coaches and beyond—for their ideas on how to improve the game. Also in the column:

• Chris Long opens up about why he’s retiring after 11 seasons, and the lessons he learned along the way.

• The one factor that gives New England the ultimate advantage over its perennially flailing counterparts in the AFC East.

• More thoughts, notes and opinions on Mike Maccagnan’s firing and the Jets mess;.the reason Dallas might slip in 2019; what Scott Pioli will be remembered for in Atlanta.

• Plus 10 things, factoids, coffeenerdness, beernerdness and an opportunity for a reader to guest-write a column while Peter King’s away on summer vacation.

18 May 19
The IT Garage

When doing repairs around the home and such you need some tools to get the job done. Over the years I have calculated a short list for fixing and maintaining a home. If anyone has seen Gran Torino and saw the scene when Walt gave/told the young boy some tools “these three items, some WD-40, […]

18 May 19
The Gymternet

Can MyKayla Skinner make it to Tokyo? Is Ashton Locklear still training? And roughly one billion questions about Jordyn Wieber!

17 May 19
Sound Books

Our guest this week is Sean Michael Ragan. Sean is the author of three books including The Total Inventor’s Manual, which is on sale now at Costco, Sam’s, and all major book retailers. He’s also a former editor of and longtime contributor to MAKE Magazine and MAKE online. You can find him on Amazon, Medium […]

17 May 19

This is the third pipe sent to me for repairs by a DadsPipes reader in Birmingham, Alabama USA. You can see by the first pics that this pipe continues the owner’s run of large pipes – this David Jones rusticated pipe is a true fistful of briar! I’ve called this pipe an Author, as apart from […]

17 May 19
Update News Portal

WASHINGTON — President Trump has sought to put the brakes on a brewing confrontation with Iran in recent days, telling the acting defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan, that he does not want to go to war with Iran, administration officials said, while his senior diplomats began searching for ways to defuse the tensions. Mr. Trump’s statement, […]

16 May 19 - Winnipeg News

WINNIPEG — One of five women involved with a man accused of killing one of them testified Thursday that the death came after days of the victim being tortured and abused.

16 May 19
Lowmiller Consulting Group Blog

WASHINGTON — President Trump has told his acting defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan, that he does not want to go to war with Iran, according to several administration officials, in a message to his hawkish aides that an intensifying American pressure campaign against the clerical-led government in Tehran must not escalate into open conflict. Mr. Trump’s […]