Vise Grip

23 Jul 19
Super Smash Cache

“The eggplant agrees: it’s REALLY starting to feel like summer,” I wrote in an Instagram caption. After all, the only thing more delightful than an eggplant-shaped dildo is one that changes colors in heat. The Self Delve Eggplant‘s girth and swell enticed me. I already knew that I would love the stretch and the bragging […]

20 Jul 19
Vegan Vespa

Being limited to driving back roads on a 50cc scooter isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact it is quite enjoyable being out in nature or on a suburban local street with little traffic. However, if you’re in an area that you’ve never driven before and have no idea where you’re going, it can be […]

19 Jul 19

by Terrell Woolfolk-Carter The eyes of the courtroom wept streams of sunlight that filtered through the curtain cracks, highlighting a swarm of dust particles that floated lazily in the air. The movement of the dust had a slow-motion effect, and it could become hypnotizing if you stared too long. Slowly I dragged my eyes away, […]

19 Jul 19
Gay Book Reviews

Title: Kneading You Author: C.S. Poe Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Release Date: July 19, 2019 Genre(s): Contemporary Romance Page Count: 45 Reviewed by: CrabbyPatty, Kristin F. and Kirstin A. Blurb: Christopher Hughes is new to the small New England town of Lancaster, New Hampshire. He’s been hired to save an old library from closing, but his […]

19 Jul 19
Trixxie's Corner

I was looking through his photos again. Just looking, totally only looking at them… I so wasn’t looking at him and touching myself.. Thinking about him, wishing it was him touching me instead, biting my lip hard enough to draw blood as I came all over my fingers… I wasn’t wanting him to come close […]

19 Jul 19
literally stories

67 years! Harlan counted again: 67 years! The numbers were bright as they flashed in his head. In all those years he had made every trip to Wiscasset, Maine but one, the time he was in the hospital in McKees Rocks, PA for his coronary by-pass. 67 years to celebrate a death, a heroic death, […]

18 Jul 19
Give Me Pen and Paper

“I don’t know, I just always liked that sort of sound in–” Simon stopped speaking abruptly and turned to look about the room. He was the only one here. He was speaking to…no one. What had he been talking about? Who had he thought he was saying it to?… He honestly couldn’t even remember. Perhaps […]

18 Jul 19
Books By K McVere

(The Pentagram Woman is an urban fantasy for adult readers.) Leona saw the harpy out of the corner of her eye. She heard her spoon clatter to the floor. The people in the room receded into the darkness and all she saw was the creature, the harpy come to life, a harpy just like the […]

18 Jul 19

Hudson: Hej, Vaskezova, da li su te ikada zamenili za muškarca. Vaskezova: Ne, a tebe?

17 Jul 19

Le premier appareil photo numérique au monde qui embarque un capteur plein format 61 mpxl et un processeur de traitement de l’image BIONZ X qui optimise les performances du capteur tout en affichant une gamme dynamique de 15 diaphs à faible sensibilité ISO

17 Jul 19

snowflakes & dew drops

Let Go Vices tight like a vise-grip stuck in someone else’s reality. His tragic heart bleeding yesterday’s news spinning wheels and chaos. An orchestra in our minds turning somber so much more so than the next day or than we admit to ourselves. Hidden behind open doors with un-open-ended questions leading down hallways so dark, […]

16 Jul 19
Your Life Is Precious

When I last left you my story appeared to be in the beginning stages of absolute disaster! Please pardon me for the delay in writing again, however I felt the previous posts needed sufficient time to be absorbed by the heart and mind of the reader. Suicide is not an easy topic to broach or […]

15 Jul 19
How to connect asus zenfone 3 max to tv

Motorola moto g turbo vs samsung galaxy j3 6 – Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) vs Samsung Galaxy J3 GALAXY J3 2016 VS MOTO G4 PLAY – QUAL VALE A PENA EM 2017, time: 4:12 Samsung motorola moto g turbo vs samsung galaxy j3 6 blade dfu 21:32 – Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen 16GB […]

14 Jul 19
Maker Project Lab

Tool: Long Nose 4-inch Vise Grip Pliers Previous Cool Tool Review: Transcript: It’s time for another Cool Tool review. This time, let’s talk about vise-grip pliers. These are a smaller pair of long nose vise-grips I got on Amazon for around $13. If you want the same ones, using the Amazon link in […]