21 Jan 19
Fairies, Bubbles & Co.

Half January is already gone so, it’s about time I finish sharing the clothes I made in 2018. These two dresses, I made for the girls to wear on New Year’s Day. To wear on the first day of the year, M requested a dress with a peter pan collar and although I own a […]

14 Jan 19

Team Neptonics recently announced that spearos Luis Domingo Viyella Caolo and Gabriel Pinto who have smashed the Yellowfin Tuna world record in the Dominican Republic.

04 Jan 19

I have chosen one of Muriel Spark’s books for this, the first of 2019’s, edition of The Book Trail.  As ever, I have used the ‘Readers Also Enjoyed’ tool on Goodreads in order to generate this list.   1. The Mandelbaum Gate by Muriel Spark ‘To rendezvous with her archeologist fiance in Jordan, Barbara Vaughn […]

28 Nov 18
How my heart speaks

  Alfred by Kathryn My dear Helen Thanks for sending me your new novel. I am unsure  whether the main  character is meant to be me.I have worn Viyella nightgowns in the past but not when holding a dinner party.If I wanted to attract a man I would wear a dress from Artigiano and only […]

31 Oct 18
A Clothing

In the 1970s, clothing manufacturing UK industry was booming and it was considered a garments powerhouse all over Europe and overseas. Over the years this reality has faded. The mass production of garments with a label “made in the UK” can rarely be found. This has made the UK lose millions of jobs as top […]

20 Sep 18


Clothes and Materials. When I went to art college I had no idea what sort of clothes art students would wear, I’d had years of wearing school uniform. I was considered a bit of a rebel at school. We were expected to wear navy blue shorts and a white airtex shirt for sports. My mother […]

10 Sep 18
A Redhead in a Dress

Each week I’m going to post a collection of my ‘Outfit of the Day’ pictures, taking from the previous week. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen them, but for this I’m going to add some annotations of the actual outfits, as opposed to my usual captions. Weather Recap:  It’s the start […]

26 Aug 18
Marketing Club

Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. Be it a child or a septuagenarian, an occupied working woman or a vociferous young girl, a chivalrous man or a teenage boy everyone uses fashion and style to define who they are and where they belong. A company that has made itself a […]

22 Aug 18
News Archives Uk

RELEASED: 14:39 01. March 2018 | UPDATED: 14:40 March 1, 2018 Pat Ashworth Viyella Products Photo: Helen Williams Helen Williams Viyella, dating back to the 1890s – "the world's first branded fabric" – is a name inextricably linked to the Derbyshire clothing industry. As Pat Ashworth notes, a third-generation family connection is helping to bring […]